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    The biggest challenge BBs are facing in good organizations is not getting enough support from process owners/managers. The process/delivery managers either don’t know Six Sigma or do not want to give credit to the Quality team/BB for any improvement happening in the process. So a technically good, statistically expert and experienced Quality resource fails in many organizations when it comes to show process improvement by implementing Six Sigma project action plans. The BB can do analysis and establish the relationship between X & Y, but action plan implementation is again on process owners hand. So request all to please put some light on this. What the BB is suppose to do under that circumstance ? He/She also has his KRAs to meet. Appreciate response please.



    A BB needs to be a Change Manager, help facilitate the change, and part of the improvements, with a switch of ownership to the process owner.  BB, may do the analysis,  the improvements and controls need to be built so process owners, can take ownership and control the improvements.  
    Key point is to have process owners active throughout the complete process, making them a believer in the improvements, to their process.
    A big part of SSBB is change management aspect, articles within this site below:

    Good Luck!



    Link did not work, as planned, in previous post. 
    Basically in upper right corner of this sight, put in change management, hit “go”, several good articles written on change management, in respect to SSBB.


    n patel

    Not getting support to optimize operations,
    illogical as it is; is quite the norm.
    Astonishingly, it is rampant in the fabrication
    industry, which is being pilloried by foreign
    The only remedy that I have had reasonable success
    with is to generate a COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality)
    study & present it to the President. This is
    assuming that the president is/was not the
    architect, nor closely associated with the person
    who set up the process system in question.



    This is a concern for the project sponsor.  This should have been addressed during project selection and again when roles and responsabilities were discussed and again when the stakeholder identificaiton/assessment was conducted. 
    At this point, it is an issue for the project sponsor and the belt to discuss with the Process Owner.   Identifying the project owners needs and incorporating them into your project planning and and communication plan might prove effective.



    As others have indicated, this is nothing new.  One way to address this is to make the process owner accountable for the results.  The BB is a resource, but ultimately it is the business process owner who has to make it happen (and live with it going forward).  When the Champion/Business Leadership puts the expectation on the business process owner to achieve the results, this will provide the proper motivation for the project and BB support.  The BB can aid in this with change management, but often doesn’t have the organizational horsepower to make it happen themselves.  That’s a key role for the Champion.

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