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    Bill Frazier

    Where is the best place to get SSBB training?
    Is anyone certifying their own GB’s, BB’s, and MBB’s?
    What kind of SS Project management process is being used in your organization?


    Mike Carnell

    Right now I believe the company with the best staff for training and implementing SS is Six Sigma Consultants Compny ( If you look at the consultants doing the training and site support they have all been practitioners (and more than one project) primarily from Motorola and Allied Signal.
    If anyone is using a SS Management process they are already in trouble. Six Sigma isn’t any different than any other initiative – it takes leadership. Look at the success guys – Welch, Galvin, Bossidy – they are leaders. All three lead companies whith distinctly different cultures and do it in different ways. You see a lot of people running around with Jack Welch’s book and it is good reading (politically astute). If you try to be a Jack Welch in a non GE environment it probably will not work so well.
    If you are looking for what will work in your company just look at what you have done well in the past and what you haven’t done well (don’t do it again). Your culture is probably indigenous to your company. If you can’t find anything that has been deployed well there are some funemental programs you should do before you do Six Sigma.
    My opinion. If you buy software to “manage” the program. It is typically the first sign that 1. your Champions are not engaged or 2. there is to much bureauocracy wrapped around the program.  



    Bill, I got my BB training through BMG and I was very impressed with their course.  The MBB trainer was excellent.  There are lots of new companies that advertise SS training, but very few have the experience with it.  Make sure to find a provider that only offers SS, not a huge mix of products.  I would also make sure to call and talk to someone before signing up and don’t go looking for the best deal out there.  You definitely get what you pay for….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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