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    As a novice and new to six Sigma, Which published books are the best to learn and start to develope an implementation strategy into a large organisation.
    Six Sigma Implemtation, Tools, Stats etc.




    Stephen S

    To me the best “user guide” for Quality Engineers like myself, has been “The Six Sigma Way” by Peter Pande, and team.

    This book is great because its put in real terms (not upper management only terms)

    Its a ROADMAP to really show you the steps and understand how others (through case study example stories) have done each part of the process.

    For $20 its the best bang for your buck.

    Sure look at others like the Pyzdek book and the Breyfogyle (sp?) book for the heavy duty theory and stats stuff but for a great tool to use every day, I cant recommend any book MORE highly than this great book.

    You wont be able to put it down (unlike those others that drag on and on)

    Stephen S., CQE
    Senior Quality Engineer

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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