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    I’ve recently joined a retail call center and one of their core problems is the bleeding AHT numbers.

    I’ve already reviewed the data and identified that behavioral aspects are governing the spike in aht. I’ve implemented daily aht dashboards, huddle meetings, side listening and coaching, customized training.

    I need more best practices to help me reach our end goal. we are currentlt at 310 seconds and we aim to drop to 265 seconds.


    Chris Seider

    I’d suggest follow DMAIC. Process map your call taking with serious attention to time for each step and look for 7 wastes that are adding to your cycle time.


    Nitesh Verma

    First you would need to do a time and motion study to understand what is the ideal call handling time for various call types or issues. It also helps you study the entire call handling process and identify non value adding steps that you may want to eliminate. It would also present findings for automation etc.

    Look for variation between teams and agents. What is the compliance to the standard call flow and troubleshooting guides is available?

    Time spent on placing callers on hold, transfers and after call work are usually the low hanging fruits.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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