Big Business sails past the purpose of Quality, consumers suffer

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    Will the real Quality Mentor please stand up? The computer would like to recognize MVisionaryman, the Quality Mentor from Massachusetts. Hi MVisionaryman!Go ahead, tell us what you think. MVisionaryman: Well, after the educated elite and untested young re-packaged the Total Quality philosophy, and computer and e-commerce technology took hold in the world, American business, ready for success, and beholden of large amounts of knoweledge and information technology took a giant step — well it appeared to be forward, but no wait, they went backwards! Now, why would I say this? Well, Total Quality was aimed at elimination of defects and taking care of the end-user. Some dorks suggested we not make anything low-end anymore in this country so we don’t > We don’t make things anymore, at least anything you can buy at Walmart, you know, where America shops each day. Only kidding, we do have a company in New Jersey that makes plastic membership cards and telephone calling cards. Now those cards give people a sense of belonging, let’s say for instance, to an HMO. Now an HMO is a company that pretends to be a quality organization. They are really just a group of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx that pretends to produce some form of benefit to the American people. I tried to use my plastic HMO card a few times and found that it did not work; At the Doctor’s Office, at the Hospital, and at the Dentist! So my card was really just an item to carry in my wallet to “make me feel” that I had medical and dental coverage. I have many other plastic cards in my wallet. I noticed many of those don’t work well either. You know what? They all have Customer Service numbers on them. Being the Quality guy that I am, I figured I would call and straighten out my little problem. I called them many times. A fake voice always comes on; a patronizing salutation of good service, then the recorded warning, “Your call may be recorded for quality purposes”. The next attempt at human satisfaction and English speech comes from some ignoramus from an economically isolated part of the country or society. They are hired to work in little booths at large call centers located throughout the South, like in Jacksonville, North Carolina. They try to “help satisfy my needs, or to help me solve “my problem”. Most times they can’t. “Oh, we can’t transfer your credit balance from your old phone number to your new number, we don’t have the authority or the technology to do this (AT&T did this to me three times). OR “Oh, we

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