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    I am looking for clarification on the following
    Whether an organisation/institution interested to offer Six Sigma Black Belt certification programme has to take permission/approval etc. or are there any Trademark, patent, copy right etc. legal procedures associated with SS BB certification programmes.


    RR Kunes

    No! This is both good and bad. The premiere training in six sigma come from organizations that utilize and refresh their material. Honeywell is a good example. Their training is probably the benchmark training program in the world.
    The Six Sigma Academy is also very good. Other than that each organization attempts to make their training focused on their needs. Watch out their are some very poor consulting groups out their!
    ASQ is attempting to corner the market on certification , however, I for one hope  that never occurs. They just are not geared to perform as responsively as other folks who actually practice this art. They also get all caught up in the consultant (Lobbyists) touting their flavor or six sigma.
    Hope this helps.
    Master Black Belt 



    I sure understand your concerns about this.  I guess this fear will make many companies not just ready run to become blackbelts so when AQS takes over balckbelt certification these companines with blackbelts can be grandfathered into the ASQ level of certification.



    It is my understanding the term “Six Sigma” has been trademarked by Motorola.


    Mike Carnell

    This will probably launch this huge debate on who ownes what again. It shows up on this site fairly regularly. Motorola does have a trademark on Six Sigma and they have a logo as well. They do not (or at least have not) gotten involved in any litigatin that I am aware of over the term Six Sigma. I have been told (hearsay) they will defend the logo.
    There have been a lot of lawsuits over this stuff and it is dangerous ground (and expensive). As an owner of Six Sigma International I have been through some of this – it ran six figures. Breyfogle and Pysdek were going through it with the Academy recently. I have no idea if it is resolved or how it turned out.
    If you are getting involved in the intellectual property side of the business get an IP attorney before you get sued. There is an interesting part to US jurisprudence. You do not have to do anything wrong to get sued. It can simply be an issue to see if you have the resources to get through the lawsuit.
    Like I said we have done the legal side to this before. Lots of people with lots of opinions. You have to live it to understand how stupid and counterintuitive it can be.
    I have been in the certification business since 1995 when we did the Allied Automotive deployment. Bill Ross at Six Sigma Associates did Allied Aerospace, and Zinkgraf did Allied EMS -as an employee but he consults now
    For the most part our curriculum does not vary. How we deliver does.
    You have to remeber the objective to a Six Sigma deployment is not to certify people. The objective is to deliver operating results and shift the culture. It is done through the certification process but the results and training are linked. Any process that has a focus on certification without results has lost one of the fundemental precepts of the program.
    If you have a process that delivers a certified BB into a company culture that does not care about process improvement how successful will it be? If you want to see this in action look at all the companies which demand that their suppliers send someone for training. The person gets trained and then what? They go back and do what they have always done. A single person doesn’t shift the culture. There are lots of companies out there who have a committed CEO and the staff is killing the program because they do not believe in it. Certification and training are a small part of this.
    Back to the original question. There are a lot of people who can deliver a world class training program. There are not very many that can deliver world class results. There is not a single standard for certification.
    Good Luck

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