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    Can someone tell me the what the “standard” requirements are for becoming a black belt. Is it common place to become a black belt with first getting certified on a green belt project and then coach other  green belt projects? Or is it more common to become a black belt by doing just one large project with out being a green belt or doing any coaching? Thanks



    In my company you cannot become a BB unless you:
    1) complete GB training
    2) complete a facilitation course (effective meetings course, etc)
    3) complete a poject management course
    4) complete BB training
    5) complete leadership change course
    6) score at least 80% on the BB exam
    7) lead a BB project through control tollgate and find improvement
    8) enter data and docs into SS database
    9) tollgate reviews collaborated w/sponsor and coach
    10) champion or sponsor sign off on project results
    11) conduct a SS awareness session to non SS employees
    12) Affirmation from quality leader that candidate was susccessful
    As you can see there are many steps to become a BB.


    Bob J

    In my company, we started out with our first waves with just Black Belts.  At the time, to become certified you had to have:
    Completed the training
    Completed 2 certification projects
    Be approved for certification by the MBB conducting the training.
    We didn’t roll out Greenbelts until the second year.  Now, to even get into BB training you need to be a certified Green Belt, be recommended by your local champion and be approved by the MBB conducting the training wave.  
    Hope this helps….
    Bob J 



    Thats the beauty of this whole thing.
    THERE IS NO “STANDARD”..its whatever your company and/or Six Sigma training organization says it is.
    Just because Im certified as a BB from one organization doesnt mean I meet the same minimum specs as a BB from another organization.Remember the certification is only as good as the results the person who has been “certified” can produce



    Thats my concern. The standards are dropping for becoming a black belt in my company so the certification I obtained under different guidelines is going to be watered down because the BB’s have easier requirements now.  



    I think you are missing the point.  It’s all about what you accomplish after you are trained with the Six Sigma methodology and are working on projects.   All that really matters is the of contribution that you make to your organization.  It does not matter what you are titled or called, if you can’t deliver – you are not doing your job, if you consistently deliver – you are doing your job.   We argue far too much in this forum about how you got your training, “certification”, and titles, and not enough about what we do and how we do it.  
    I’d suggest you lighten up about how folks got there and worry about how you and your cohorts are going to make it work.
    Our focus needs to be on creating an ongoing (pragmatic) discussion regarding how we turn the Six Sigma process into a self-sustaining highly contributing reality.    I don’t believe it’s there yet – the discussion or the process.  At least in my little part of the world.



    In our company a BB gets certified as a BB after
    1. 18 months in the role
    2. Completing the BB training  (3 weeks )
    3. Completing  2 projects and get them certified by a panel
    4. Pass the BB exam with min of 60 % in each section



    In my company you need:
    1. 24 months in the role
    2. Complete training courses (4 weeks DMAIC and/or 3 weeks DFSS)
    3. At least two successful project (it means reach the economic assessment and  PPM reduction >70%)
    4. BB exam >60%
    5. Train GB´s (5 days)


    Hemant Urdhwareshe

    There are BB requirements defined by various organizations. However, I would prefer to recommend BB requirements as defined by ASQ:

    Body of knowledge (BoK) for Six Sigma BB certification is clearly defined. This is available on ASQ web site. This BoK is firmed up by committee of experts and is likely to be more applicable across various industries.
    Candidate must have completed two six sigma projects
    Candidate has to pass an examination of multiple choice questions based on BoK



    I am currently looking at and struggling with the varoius training/certification options myself.  I am looking for the provider that will best prepare me for a Six Sigma career path. 
    I become disconcerted when I see people such as Darrell make statements as in his previous post:
    “Thats the beauty of this whole thing. THERE IS NO “STANDARD”..its whatever your company and/or Six Sigma training organization says it is. Just because Im certified as a BB from one organization doesnt mean I meet the same minimum specs as a BB from another organization.”
    Given the lack of a “standard” I am comparing the cost/value of each training/certification option against the ASQ BoK.  If I cannot synthesize and utilize what I have learned what is the value of certification?  I know my ability to contribute is what employers will value not the piece of paper that says I’m certified. 
    BTW any recommendations for me to add to my selection process?



    One  of the approach is as follows
    Attend the BB training conducted by MBB and then become graduated BB.
    On completion of certain amount of projects (depends on company rules),you can become certified BB.
    There is no need to grow from green belt.



    Please first understand methodology through books or net—DMAIC /DMEDI and all statistics tools.
    Try to apply for your existing work and get experienced.
    Then fine tune based on that particular company


    Stacy Racca

    BB Cert. varies depending on the company you work for. I’m a BB for GE. In our company you must be greenbelt certified and this accomplished by completing by 90% reduction projects and taking a 100 question test passing with a 70% or above. This is the prerequisite to become a BB.
    If you are selected as a BB you must hold the position for 2 years and complete 2 projects that have a measurable impact on a business Y. You must also take another exam and pass with a 70% or greater score. You are not allowed to take the exam until you have completed an 2 week training course. I hope this helps.



    Here we have a two year full-time BB program for which no prior GB training is required.
    –  5 weeks of classroom training with 4 partial tests and a final exam (75% minimum).
    –  Overall testing every 3 months.
    –  Two succesful projects completed for certification, and after that 1.5 years with 3 projects at a time.
    I do not believe that GB training is required.



    Here we have a 18 month BB program for which no prior GB training is required.
    –  4 weeks of classroom training
    – final exam (75% minimum)
    –  Two successful projects completed for certification
    Training of GB is not required for BB.
    However training of GB is required for MBB (Master Black Belt) rank.


    Bruce Hudson

    BB Certification means that a person who carries it, is taught how to solve problems systematically and methodically.  A certified black belt does not have to be an expert in any particular process to solve quality issues.  That is one of the main reason companies hire BBs and concentrate less on your experience on particular processes.
    My company does not offer us BB certification, and I am educating myself and will pay for all the certifications and exam fees.  So, please be happy that your company is doing something for you and find ways to pay them back at least ten fold–especially now that you are a certified problem solver.
    Good luck



    Can you tell us wich organization you are with.?



    I think it will help if everybody who is describing the practice of his/her organisation would identify their organization.



    our BB requirement : –
    1) Complete BB training
    2) Pass BB exam
    3) Complete 2 BB projects, generate $X in cost savings per project
    4) complete projects in a 3-6mth timeframe
    5) mentor GB project, provide coaching, GB project complete & success may also 1 of the basic requirement of your BB certify


    Spelling bee


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