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    Victor Hui

    I just wanna check & see if anyone has experience in implementing Black Belt in Sales & Marketing Organization and the kind of skills & tools used most to solve problem in such a dynamic in nature organization.


    Sunil Maxwell Massey

    I agree with you that it is tough to implement Six Sigma in Sales & Marketing organisation but I have some experience in India In GE medical Systems , where I was responsible as BLACK BELT for field operation ( Sales Service & Marketing ) We followed the same DMAIC model had training for all employees for 10 days ( first five days on DMA and than after two months on IC . There was carret & stick approach , It was slow progress but it happened by giving day to day focus ,review & help to the guys . I hope I could answer your query .



    We’re focusing on 2 areas initially:

    1. Market Research. There’s a lot of processes, DOEs, MSEs, etc. And knowledge of maths.

    2. Forecasting. Crosses over into Ops/Logistics, where there is already strong six sigma presence.

    My advice would be to find the right places in the organization to start, and build the internal-to-sales&marketing success stories there. Then use that to build six sigma out into the rest of the group.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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