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    Help needed!

    I am creating a performance strategy for my existing company and I want to incorporate Six Sigma to it’s full potential. Currently we have a black belt and a few green belts but no Master black belt. I feel this has caused a gap due to limitations on further development in Six Sigma as a culture. I need to describe to the stake holders why a Master BB would be a worthwhile investment. Can anyone help me out with a job description, function, duties, roles and responsibilities?




    Corporate Leadership

    Unit Leadership

    Project Champions

    Black Belts

    Master Black Belts

    Functional Support Groups

    Create and deploy strategy and goals

    Establish project selection criteria

    Facilitate project selection

    Learn and use the Six Sigma methodology and tools

    Develop and deliver Six Sigma training

    Provide data and aid in data collection

    Define boundaries—what’s in and what’s out

    Approve projects—ensure linkage to strategy and key needs

    Create project charter

    Develop and maintain project work plan

    Assist in the selection of projects

    Provide team members

    Communicate purpose and progress

    Select Project Champions

    Facilitate identification of resources— BB, team, Financial and  functional resources

    Provide leadership for the team

    Coach and council Black Belts

    Support with expertise in the department such as financial value of projects

    Provide resources—people, time, and Finance

    Provide needed resources and training

    Remove barriers

    Meet weekly with the Project Champion

    Ensure the success of “mission critical” projects

    Identify opportunities for Six Sigma projects

    Ensure training plan is in place

    Review Black Belt and Green Belt projects monthly

    Review projects weekly

    Communicate support needs to functional groups

    Support the efforts of Champions and leadership team

    Help with benchmarking

    Ensure recognition plan is in place

    Establish and use communication process

    Verify project deliverables for each phase of DMAIC

    Ensure that the right data are collected and properly analyzed


    Set boundaries (legal, company policy, environmental)

    Quarterly review of overall initiative

    Review the entire process every 3-6 months

    Communicate purpose and progress of projects

    Identify and communicate barriers to Champion


    Provide reality check, diversity of ideas, perspective

    Periodic reviews of plant and business initiatives

    Establish reward and recognition structure

    Approve project closure

    Provide monthly updates to Champion and Master Black Belt



    Support initiative with rewards and recognition

    Link rewards to performance

    Identify next project for the BB/GB

    Be responsible for delivering results ($$)



    Publicly celebrate successes

    Be accountable for the success of the effort

    Celebrate, recognize, and reward BB and team






    Be accountable for project results





    Help Needed

    Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was looking for.  :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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