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    What are some good metrics to use to measure Black Belt productivity?


    Adam L Bowden

    The bottom line benefits – should be in the region of $1m per yr in a
    typical company.Adam



    KPI’s I’ve used –
    Activity of BBs –

    no. of BB Projects active / total no of BBs as %
    Similar (but truer test) Activity of BBs –

    no of BBs with 1+ Active Projects / total no of BBs as %
    Indicator of availability/setup of BB –

    Ratio of BB to GB (books say 1:10 is right, I’ve never run in the “real world” below 1:20. Companies rarely want to invest (or have enough Projects) in BBs to achieve 1:10)
    Achieved benefits –

    $ benefits achieved (either from BB Proejcts or from GB under mentorship of BB) – soft and hard benefits
    Basic historic KPIs –

    No of training completed
    No of Projects completed and signed off
    Average number of days of length of Project
    For Projects –

    No of Projects proposed (Project Pipeline)
    No of active Projects BB in area BB respsonsible for per DMAIC phase shown as line chart. Slope in straight line down, too many Projects in early stages – is progress being made, are Projects stalling? Slope in straight line up, too many Projects in late stages – are enough new Projects being started, is Project Pipeline sufficiently being replenished? Ideally gently curve with peak in middle – nice balance of new Projects, Prtojects in progress, and Proejcts being completed.
    $ value achieved in 1st year of Project / total number of days Project took to complete – great for showing impact of short, quick win Projects vs the slow “big bang” Projects.
    For all these KPIs there is no specific value they should be. They will be different for each organisation and how they have setup SS. Important thing is trend of numbers – are they going in right direction and at right pace for what the organisation wants?
    Hope this helps.
    Let me know if you want to discuss any further.



    Cobra5 and RhinoNeil – for me, Adam has given the
    best direction. Keep it simple – that way the focus
    remains on what is important to the business.Although the overwhelming majority of organisations
    try to put a financial figure against projects,
    there are other ways to improve your business, such
    as less complex business processes, higher customer
    satisfaction, and development of people. I know
    these can often be less attractive to most Mgt
    teams than $$.Davy T

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