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    Marvin Beadnall

    I am currently enrolled in a Six Sigma Black Belt course having completed a Six Sigma Green Belt course. One of the course requirements is a successful Six Sigma Black Belt Project with verifiable results. Since I am in job transition, I do not have a company to sponsor the project. One alternative is to complete the training then get a job and then complete a project with the new employer. A more desirable option would be locate a sponsor: company, government agency, school district, or non profit and provide Six Sigma project services either pro bono (free) or for a small fee. Identifying sponsors and projects has proved to be a greater challenge than I expected. Any suggestions or observations?  I am trying to create a path for numerous other unemployed professionals in similar situations. Marvin



    Most states have an Industrial Extension or Manufacturing extension program that is typically run through local universities, community colleges, etc.  You might be able to team up with one of their agents to conduct a SS project for one of their clients.  Good Luck.


    Chip Hewette

    An admirable goal!
    Consider this free-lance consulting, but don’t do it for free.  People don’t value things that are free.  They value a ‘deal.’
    It would be very difficult to do your first project for a company or industry with which you have zero familiarity.  In your job transition, think through your expertise and develop a list of target companies having that need.  Don’t try your first BB project and attempt to learn a new technology.
    Once you have your BB wheels, then you can continue the consulting in other industries.


    Tuca Mote

    I suggest that you get a sponsor company first.  This way you can start draining their money little by little.  They will start getting used to this.  Once you complete your training, you can start taking large amounts of money by dazzling everybody with terminology that you don’t understand.  Your ultimate goal should be to get paid while you do the least amount of work.  Your second goal should be to make everybody believe that you are saving the company money.
    Good luck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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