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    Bob Peterson

    As there have been several recent inquiries about Six Sigma training, I felt perhaps someone may be interested in attending four weeks of Juran Black Belt training we are hosting in Columbus GA, starting July 9th. We have six of our people registered, and would like to find several others to attend from outside our company. We’ve found it helpful in the past to have others from outside our company participate in Six Sigma training, to add another perspective.

    If interested contact Linda Ellrordt at Juran:
    Phone 203-761-1613, or [email protected]


    iSixSigma Community

    Hello Bob Peterson,

    We appreciate your open invitation to the iSixSigma community for Six Sigma training. We discourage the broadcasting of open events on the forum discussion boards, as it may encourage others to post their events and training thereby detracting from the discussion experience.

    We encourage all notices of training to be posted for free on the iSixSigma Events Calendar:

    Good luck with your training.

    Best regards,
    iSixSigma Community



    What does Juran know about Six Sigma?


    Voice of Many


    Your history of posts many times display rude and inconsiderate behavior that is uncalled for. Very many of your posts offer no useful or value added information.

    Why don’t you go to some chat room that welcomes these types of posts and take your attitude with you. It’s not welcomed in a profession forum such as this one.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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