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    Two questions
    1. Is there a recommended black belt workload?
    2. are there any reference materials or guidelines that one can use to support the answer?


    Chris Seider

    workload? projects closed per month you’ll find “wild” answers out there but it depends on project complexity, etc

    If you don’t have nearly full time Black Belts doing projects–you aren’t having real resources tackle problems–my two cents.


    Mike Carnell

    Karani Chris Seider is exactly right – you will get some wild answers. An intelligent way to do this is figure out what your company expects for an ROI and calculate that from your salary. To hit that much money then you need projects with that much potential. If you are not getting the appropriate dollar value then you can’t make the numbers work. If you are having to find your own projects because management isn’t getting involved you need to quit anyhow.

    There is the assumption that you can set a target number of projects which is what happened in Wave 1 Allied Signal. That was based on an assumption that all projects could produce a certain dollar value. During GE the dollar value went up to $175k based on the average project return at GEAE. The real problem with counting projects is that there are basically 4 types of projects and they all run at different speeds. There are good and bad technology type projects. Good technology and good control are Optimization projects and good technology and poor control are Control projects. Both Optimization and Control projects are relatively quick. Poor Technology are longer basically because it is pretty much impossible to schedule a technology breakthrough. We also have good control of poor technology and poor control of poor technology. Neither are fast but it doesn’t get any worse than poor control of poor technology.

    The answer to your workload question is “it depends.”

    There is an article in ASQ’s Six Sigma Forum magazine that has more detail on how to do this analysis.



    To answer your question requires more data:
    Is the BB a fulltime BB or part time?
    How are the projects selected?
    What is the goal of the project monetarily? Is it tied to the companies goals and objectives?
    Scoping a project is critical during the Define Phase. In this document you should determine the expected time to completion as well as the resources required.

    The key to any excellent Six Sigma project is found in the Define phase and the projects most successful will be tied t o the companies goals and objectives.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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