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    I have just started out as a black belt having completed my firts year I am curious to know if there are any other black belts working in organisations close to us here in Leicester (UK) I would like to make contact in order to share experiences best practices etc.


    paul redshaw

    I work in the same organisation as Jason and would also like to hear from other Black Belts to share best practices and view how other organisations are applying 6 Sigma


    Dr. Steve Pickering

    Good Morning Paul & Jason,
    I am a Master Blackbelt & Champion working in the UK, not to far away in Nottingham. I have been involved with Six Sigma since it’s introduction into the UK in 1997, I have been lucky enough to go through the Six Sigma Academy in Arizona and I worked with Dr. Mikel Harry & Richard Schroeder for about 18 months, (a true honour).
    We have 6 Blackbelts on site and another 12-14 Greenbelts, Everyone on site, (Circa 450), is currently undergoing Yellowbelt training.
    If you need some help or guidance, Please e-mail me,
    spickering at flowserve dot com
    Kind Regards,



    Dear Dr.Steve Pickering
    My name is Hooman.N and i live in Iran.i am an industrial engineer and i’m working in a automotive factory as a quality management consultant. i have been interested in subjects which are related to sixsigma and its relations(BB,GB,MBB) since 5 month ago.
    in the mean time,i couldn’t find a specific resource(but some info in this site) which is describe how can we reach the goal(be profesional in bb or gb) step by step. specialy for the person such as me who lives in out of USA or UK.
    right now,i don’t know what i have to do ??
    so,if it is posible,please help me and tell me how can i start.
    thanks for your support.
    P.S:  A.S.Q has a branch in Iran(Tehran) and my question is: how much useful getting the ASQ certification ? would it help me to reach my goal sooner? 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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