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    Deepak G

    Currently I’m working on a employee turnover project as there is a high attrition in my company and it is above the industry level.
    I would be glad if anyone can send me the PPT / PDF of the projects already did / currrently doing.
    Kindly help me out by sending in your valuable suggestions. My mailing address is: [email protected]


    n patel

    Deepak,High attrition rates are usually directly
    attributable to top management. Sometimes it is
    because of management change (company being bought
    over) but many times it is the presence of a toxic
    boss, with the most lethal combination being an
    uneducated company shareholder.
    Coming back to your problem statement though; I’d
    advise setting up an Ishikawa diagram with
    components being Management (Boss); Machinery
    (concern with general safety, availability of a
    value for money health plan etc); Materials
    (availability of equipment & software conducive to
    working optimally); Methodology (are plans being
    formulated & scheduled or fire fighting & overtime
    requirements exceeding a month).
    Interview people who have left (a yes/no attribute),
    even follow their blogs & plot a Pareto for reasons
    for leaving.
    I have always found that a data generated root cause assessment is most effective in getting the
    management to take positive action.



    Subdivide your turnover into two groups, those that leave within 60 or 90 days and those that leave after that.  I found that the bulk of our problem was in the first 60 days, and that caused me to really question the adequacy of the orientation (Was it well planned out?  Was it logically arranged, Did it cover the right things?, etc.).
    I interviewed the presenters (We had different presenters for each subject area) and asked them this:  To provide 6 questions that could be used to assess if the participants had learned the most important things from their presentation.  I then formed a post orientation quiz, to see if the new employees had learned that material.  The central idea is this:  If the student has not learned, then the teacher has not taught.  We modified content as needed.
    Second, all material was reviewed by all presenters and overlaps and inconsistencies were eliminated.  Central idea: We should not confuse them with inconsistent statements.
    Third, all presentation materials were reviewed and upgraded.  Several modules had way too much technical content for the first day, many had boring slides and lacked any hint of enthusiasm.
    We did other things too, but the above is perhaps enough to get you started.   Largest6 gain was when we looked at the time to when people left – that drove the area we selected to upgrade.



    I agree root cause analysis is what you need to look at. Just a thought, but could you do an anonymous online employee satisfaction survey on Zoomerang or some other site? You can bet that 80% are leaving for the same reasons. Getting a feel for what is wrong from employees is key. I never was able to be honest when I resigned from a job- after all, they are future references. So, like everyone else I lie in my resignations. Anonymity would help tremendously in getting some real information. It is often a culture of hostility and workplace bullies that causes people to leave, and this can come from the top which makes it very difficult to change. Top people need to understand what it costs the company to keep replacing people before they can see the value in changing their own behavior.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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