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    I have recently completed my blackbelt training. I know there are many books on statistics, but wondered if there where any that where specifically written with 6Sigma in mind, and would explain all the statistical tests that I may be likely to use in my projects.


    Been There, Done That

    I have Pyzdek’s, “The Six Sigma Handbook”. It has all the straight stats stuff you’ll need and reviews some of the softer tools like FMEA. Other stats texts will go into a bit too much detail and without the Six Sigma context.Montgomery’s DOE book and general stat texts are good if you want more statistical detail.Breyfogle – I haven’t read it, but hear good things.The details of some of the other statistical tests are well covered with the on-line help built into Minitab.Pyzdek – ISBN 0-07-141015-5
    Montgomery – ISBN 0-471-31649-0
    Breyfogle – ISBN 0-471-29659-7Have a look at the iSixSigma bookstore


    Scott Burdon

    I use a book called “Six Sigma and MINITAB – A Toolbox Guide for Managers, Black Belts and Green Belts”.
    ISBN 0-9546813-0-4
    Summary (from the back cover):
    Cutting through Six Sigma’s often strange terminology, this guide delivers Six Sigma in a down-to-earth and logical format. For each phase of Six Sigma’s problem solving flow (D,M,A,I,C), this giude provides:

    A route map through the phase;
    A description and example of each tool;
    Detailed MINITAB instructions, with input & output screens from Version 14;
    A checklist and review questions for use in milestone meetings
    Author: Quentin Brook – QSB Consulting
    Can be found on Amazon



    One of the best writers & trainers in the statistical field is Don Wheeler – I would recommend Making Sense of Data:  SPC for the Service Sector, 2003 and more recently The Six Sigma Practitioner’s Guide to Data Analysis, 2005.  Both are published by SPC Press in Knoxville, TN.  One of the strengths of these books is the ability to use sections to explain basic terminology & concepts to team members that might be intimidated by statistics (or as my brother says – “Sadistics”).

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