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    I would like some information regarding big companies that have gone through BPR including a detailed description of the way BPR was applied to each one of them. The results can be either success of failure… Can you help me please? I need this information to complete my final dissertation paper…
    Thank you…


    Hi Anna,
    Try reading through the article archives on this site for examples of six sigma being applied successfully to hospitals. There is a lot to learn from these. I hope they help you in your query.


    I am just starting my MBA research project, which is looking at BPR in the local authority context. Can you give me any broad advice or contact points at this early stage in my work?


    Hello John,
    I would suggest that you search for information in the local city council. I don’t have any information on that as my project is more focused on the human factor of BPR within a company and how it is affected.
    I would advise you that you narrow down your topic into one specific aspect of BPR in local authority or a particular field for change and make a comparison between different approaches applied by various authorities. You can then elaborate stating your own idea based on your reading and you your theoretical knowledge about BPR.
    I will let you know if i come across anything related to your topic. 


    I am currently doing my MBA from a institute, and i need some case studies in BPR, i am actually interested in the human aspect of BPR, how it affects the people and all about it, i would greatly appreciate it if u can provide me with some case studies or anything related


    You may want to contact someone you know at GE as they have been doing a combination of CAP (Change Acceleration Process) and Six Sigma (your reference to BPR) for years. The whole idea of CAP is to change the culture and ensure that improvements are absorbed readily by the business. People do not easily accept change; that’s why it’s so important to focus on it. A related resource is the book “Leading Change” by Kotter. It is very similar to GE’s CAP (not sure which one came first).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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