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    We use OEE extremly effectively to manage our operation and achieve good results. However…. In my mind there is two way of calculating OEE, as our production requirement is set by our customer (ie JIT).
    So, in our general OEE calculation we calculate in the normal manner Productivity, Availability and Quality, our shift time runs for 450 minutes, but due to our customer requirement we many only need to run for 400 minutes assuming a cycle time of 60 seconds, a target of 400 pieces. So… Assuming 98% Q, 100 A & 100% P our OEE would be 98%, But this would assume only using the 400 planned minutes (or the total number of minutes used to complete the build). My plan is to obvioulsy use as much of the 450 available minutes as possible so lenghten the cycle time / Takt time, reduce manpower and acheive closer to the 450 mins finish time. In which case, my question is, for Business OEE should I even when finishing at 400 minutes v’s the 450 minutes if target is 400 how should i take into consideration the loss of 50 minutes production time, its not productivity loss, or impacting to Q, so i assume i should just reduce include it into the availability calculation. If i take the 450 minutes into both the availability and productivity element i effectively get a double hit to my OEE result.
    So, can anyone comment, how do you calculate Business OEE?
    Comments appreciated
    Dave Stone

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