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    Dion van de Watering

    At this moment I am finishing my graduation internship for my bachelor of engineering. One of the things I would like to calculate is the DPMO.

    Unfortunately our company has many different products with all different quality checks. The quality checks lay between 6 – 15 checks depending on the type of product.

    Is it possible to use the average quality checks (opportunities) to calculate the DPMO? Or do I need to calculate the DPMO for each type of product? In that case I will be calculating 650 producttypes which I prefer not to…



    Chris Seider

    technically, opportunities are the value added activities, components that go into the process.

    just look at the ppm defective and you can calculate your sigma level from this–evaluate each product/process characteristic separately.

    The whole point of looking at individual product/processes is to decide where to focus.


    James Heidt

    What is your purpose in measuring the DPMO? If it is to set a baseline, you could choose an average DPMO across products. If your goal is to find where you should focus your attention, you will want to be more focused in your analysis.

    Can you create product families to divide the 650 products into? That might generate more usable performance metrics.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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