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    Hi, I’m tita. I need some help.
    I am in confuse with my job training report. I take a topic about quality control related with six sigma. but I don’t know what must I do with my datas. plis help me.
    My questions are:
    Q1. Am I correct calculate that datas (see the attach file)?
    Q2. Must I doing Validity Test, and Statistic Test e.g control chart?
    Q3. How to calculate and analyze Cpk and Cpmk for attribute datas (according my datas)?
    Q4. Explain me more about six sigma and the differences about 1-sigma, 2-sigma, 3-sigma, 4-sigma, and 5-sigma.(a simple one).B’coz I am confuse with the explanation every essay about six sigma in the internet.
    Plis reply soon. urgently needed.
    thank you very much before.


    Johnny Guilherme

    Tita Hi
    With regards Q3-you can only do cabability calculations i.e. Cp and Cpk on variable data i.e. data that you can measure. You cannot calculate these indeces on attribute type data i.e. data that you cannot measure. Cp and Cpk are a function of the average of the data and upper spec and lower specification limits. So for attribute type data you would typically have percentage defects. Hope this helps with Q3. I cannot help with the other quaestions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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