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    Paul Fenton

    Hello people,
    I have a query on calibration in relation to the ISO 9001:2000 requirements.
    Here’s my situation: We’ve a detailed listing of all equipment that requires calibration and a listing of equipment where calibration is not required. The equipment is marked appropriately.
    However (the problem), what do I do with equipment which requires calibration but is not in use. We obviously can’t mark ‘calibration not required’ on it when it needs to be calibrated if used. We obviously don’t want to dump the thing as it’s a valuable piece of equipment.
    So, can we mark the equipment with a sticker saying ‘Not in use’ and leave the equipment in the engineering lab? Is this allowable under the 9001:2000 standards, does anyone know?
    I’ve checked the manual and there’s no mention of this kind of thing!



    Dear Paul,
    As a ISO lead assessor & a person practicing ISO ,I can state that putting ‘not in use ‘ sticker on the eqmts in this catagory is perfectly OK for ISO9001:2000.
    ISO only requires that eqmts that you use to take quality related decisions are calibrated & does not expect you to do non value added activity of calibrating the ‘not in use’ types
    G S Dandekar


    James A

    Broadly I agree with Girish, but if you have an area dedicated to calibration (and storage of ‘spare’ measurement equipment) then you can safely keep the “Not in Use” equipment in that area, and thus safely out of the way of people who may wish to use the equipment in its uncalibrated, albeit “Not in Use” state.
    If it’s out of the engineering lab, and under lock and key somewhere else, then it cannot be used.  Full stop.
    James A



    Maintaining a listing of equipment not in use will solve your problem. I’ve had this situation and the best solution for economy sake is to keep records of how frequently gauges are used. If they don’t get used on a regular basis it is best to pull them off your active list and create an inactive gauge list.
    Your procedures should detail that prior to use these gauges must be calibrated.  If you have them located in the facility and out of your control you can label them not for acceptance of production material but it is always safer to pull them off the floor and lock them up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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