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    I really don’t understand the concept of calibration. Who can help me please? Who can suggest me some good websites or FREE materials to look at? I have read the QS9000 MSA book but I don’t understand what it said.
    My major confuses:
    1. A master equipment and a under-test equipment calibration concept.
        i) master equipment has its error from the manufacturer, e.g. +/-1V
        ii) under-test equipment has its error from other manufacturer,e.g.     +/- 2V
        iii) From my calibration form for the master equipment, it has specification limit, e.g. +/- 0.1V.
        iv)   From my calibration form for the under-test equipment, it has the specification limit, e.g. +/- 0.1V.
        v) Can I use a less accurate equipment as a master to calibration a more accurate equipment? (Someone have answered me before it can’t. But I think the error of the under-test equipment can be downgraded by master equipment. e.g., master error=+/-2V, under-test eq.=+/-1V, result: under-test eq. error = +/-2V after calibration by less accurate master eq.)
        vi) how to decide the specification limit of master equipment and under-test equipment? Who decides them? by what reasons? (From last audit, auditor said the master eq.’s tolerance must be 10% the under-test eq.’s tolerance) Is it right? Why?
                 a) tolerance related to equipment error??
                 b) Tolerance must include master eq. error and under-test eq. error?
                  c) e.g., master voltmeter error=+/-1V, master spec. limit=+/-0.1V, under-test voltmeter error=+/-2V, under-test spec. limit=+/-0.5V.         I checked a voltage: under-test showed 5V, master showed 4.6V, 5-4.5=0.4V (within limit)
                              ci) I guess that: 0.4V+/-2V (under-test voltmeter error)+/-1V (master error)—> it must out of limit!!! 1V error means when I measure a reading 0.4V +/-1V = 1.4V or -0.6V.—which out of 0.5V under-test spec. limit.
                                cii) am i right?



    Where can find some calibration theory material to study?



    I have same trouble too

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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