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    i need some help.
    issue:- variation accuracy.
    the situation is that we have two quality auditors listening to a call.
    the variation that is allowed is +/- 5% between two audit scores.
    we have an auditor at + 6% and the other at -4%.
    how do we calculate avaerage variation in this situation?
    what would be the best approach for such a situation?
    thank you in advance to everybody who replies.


    Thomas C. Trible

    A few questions first: What does two quality auditors have to do with calibration variance?  Why are two quality auditors listening in on a [phone] call?  (This sounds like the beginning of an auditor joke.) Are you trying to “calibrate” the auditors?  Why (and what) is the variation “allowed” only +/- 5 percent between the audit scores?  Is that based on statistical analysis of prior data, or customer’s requirements, or what?  It sounds like it could be imposing a goal without a method to achieve the goal.
    ram, there is a fundamental problem with calibrating “auditors,” if that is what you are trying to accomplish.  Reproducibility among quality auditors – and I’m not sure that what your “auditors” are doing should be referred to as quality auditing –  is notoriously poor.  It is more like your auditors are “counting” things – not auditing.
    If they are actually counting “things,” then a good learning experience would be to conduct a Google search for Deming’s Red Bead Experiment.  You will learn from Deming’s RBE that two inspectors are tasked to count red beads, that they can and do disagree from time-to-time, and that a third individual, the Chief Inspector General, settles disputes between the inspectors on red bead count.  Unfortunately, Dr. D. never tracked how many times the inspectors disagreed, as far as I know.
    ram, do you know the definition of a quality auditor?  A quality auditor is someone who comes upon the scene of battle after the battle is over – and bayonets the wounded.
    TC Trible 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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