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    oneglia cavalcanti

    We are working on a project called Calibration. The main objective is to verify Measurement Systems of the plant, critical parameters and have the equipment calibrated only for the ranges they use (gain in productivity). Then have a “golden part” for that equipment in order to monitor its behavior along the time (during the calibration periods – to make sure it did not go out of calibration), using control charts. Has anyone done any work on this line ? For electronic equipment how do we establish a golden part ? If you need more details, please write.

    Thanks in advance.


    Jim Parnella

    By “golden part”, could you be talking about a part that would be tested regularly over time, the results being control charted? If so, that would be an excellent way to determine if re-calibration was even needed.

    Take a look at the October 2000 issue of Quality Progress. Page 56 has an excellent article that addresses corrective actions (calibration being one) that sometimes make matters worse.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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