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    David in The Call Centre

    Hi Scott,
                    I would be very interested in sharing some of your ideas. We are fed up agents being abused, insulted and simply asked for a bank balance when there are countless way customers can find out bank balances through e channels.
    I am interested in both strategies, carror and stick. Feel free to contact me on [email protected]
    Thanks and Regards


    Dennis L

    I, too, am interested in finding ways to encourage customers to use alternatives to perform standard inquiry functions that typically come into our call center, a credit union.  Call center rep abuse and high volumes create considerable stress and potential burn-out.



    One way to start is to analyze your VRU/IVR and observe how your customers perceive the complexity of your VRU/IVR. How many layers of options do you have? How many options within each layer? Customers are not intentionally irrate. Most strong emotions in a transactional context develop as a result of the reactions to a frustrating situations. How easy does your system make it to investigate the information the customer is looking for. And if the customer decides he/she wants to speak to a live person even if you make it presumably easy for them, then that’s the cost of doing business. In no instance have I seen that a business can “forcefit” a system back to its customer and sustain long-term growth. .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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