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    I’m a certified Green Belt and i’m planning to attend a Black Belt training finished with certification. I also started to develop the continuous improvement culture and lean six sigma methodology in the company I’m working in (Poland- Europe). I’m planning to provide Lean Six Sigma training. Can I certify people for WB, YB, GB? what kind of criterias should be fulfilled by an organisation to be able to certify its employees?



    The short answer is yes you can. There is no central certifying body or standard criteria. When someone claims they are certified black belt (or any other belt) most employers know to ask, “Certified by whom?” If it’s a widely recognized certifying body, a noted university, or a corporation with a respected internal certification program, that means something. Otherwise it doesn’t. If you do decide to certify make sure to tell people that it’s an internal certification that may not be recognized outside your company. And look at the criteria required by widely recognized certifying bodies such as American Society for Quality. Try to be just as rigorous.



    As above, short answer is Yes,
    I would recommend benchmarking multiple other internal programs before starting out. Google and continuous improvement networking should provide several solid examples of what ‘counts’ as certification for different belt levels for different organizations. Make sure to document and share what your program incorporates to get certified and hold to those standards rigorously.

    It is also (my opinion only) advisable that you would engage with an experienced Black Belt trainer in your initial kick off to lend some legitimacy to the program internally and externally.

    Kudos to you for starting this culture change. Results, support and engagement will be more critical for success than certification as you progress.


    H. Araghi

    Internal Certifications are meaningless and has no value to most outsiders (companies).



    Yes, you can. But inform employees that it may not hold vaild outside the organization.



    I wish I had 30 more Green Belts like you! I would recommend duplicating the certification standards of another respected company or business before adopting your own criteria. Most GB certifications involve completing 1 major DMAIC/DMEDI project or possibly 2-3 Rapid Improvement Events. Be careful about establishing dollar values as a financial threshold because eliminating waste or improving safety conditions are sometimes difficult to quantify in dollars and cents. Good Luck to you!

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