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    V. Laxmanan

    Dear All:
    I am grateful and want to thank everyone who has responded to my feeble attempts here.
    By the end of the day, or tomorrow, I will post my alternative analysis of a problem from a textbook on Statistical Quality Control. Regards.


    Chaos Nut

    V. Thank-you for your last post. Our common ground
    seems to be that neither one of us is a pure theoretician,
    but we do seem to appreciate the same type of theoretical
    discussions and enjoy exploring the possibilities. I
    believe you may be on to something with your “work
    function” idea and also believe it has several key
    connections to chaos theory as well as six sigma. Very
    few people in the world of six sigma have done anything
    with chaos theory (likely because there are few
    theoreticians). As you can clearly see from several of my
    recent posts, this site has a group of self-serving, self-
    anointed cronies that have hidden agenda’s and
    masquerade as experts. They are always laying in the
    weeds looking to sling mud, make degrading remarks
    and run down other’s ideas, opinions and beliefs. They
    demand “proof” from others, but never provide their own.
    Don’t be off-put or distracted by their immaturity and
    professional jealousy. As every class has “bullies,” every
    forum has people who bash others, but provide no
    original ideas of their own. The world sees them for what
    they are, but they don’t see this character flaw in
    themselves. So, keep your discussion coming and we
    will just work around their noncontributory noise (much
    like the error term in a regression equation). I researched
    some of your work and papers on the Internet and am
    most impressed with your accomplishments. Notice that
    many of the confronting posters on this site never provide
    their names nor their credentials, likely because they live
    in fear of being exposed for who they really are. Their
    mask of anonymity and accosting manners says it all.
    Watch how fast they jump on me again!


    V. Laxmanan

    Dear chaos nut:
      Are you nutty or what?  Thanks for your comforting words and the time taken to research other things that I have done. 
    As we move forward with this, I hope some serious chaos theorists also come on board and explore this things along with the day to day practitioners.  What I find, in many things that I have tried to lay hands on, is that often we have key pieces of data that are missing.
    You have encouraged me to keep this going at least for a while. Regards.



    Dear Laxman (alias V)
    Area you an ex-English public schoolboy, I don’t recall anyone in the States having being called by their last name (surname.)
    I look forward to seeing your ‘work function’ example. A comparision between a ‘standard’ methods such as the use of a Chi-squared test and your method should be most enlightening. ( I had assumed that I would have to buy your little bool to gain a greater insight.)
    With respect to Chaos Theory, I know very little about it having only attended one course through Moto University. My hesitant understanding is that chaotic behaviour is only expected for systems that have ‘equations of motion’ greater than a third order differential equation. In other words, first order, second order, and third order differential equations do no suffer chaotic behaviour when there are errors in starting conditions.
    Sometime ago, a robot engineer told me that one way to stop robots from ‘forgettting where they are’ is to programme smooth motions – in other words, motions with low order equations of motion; so that any vibration or thermal distortion in the ‘home position’ will not lead to frequent ‘loss of location.’
    Is this correct?
    The reason I’m interested is because I’m interested in Tai Chi – the smooth, flowing exercise of Chinese origin.
    Andy U


    V. Laxmanan

    Dear Andy U:
    You will be surprised – I am more than an English school boy.  I am being called by my first name – not surname!
    Guess who gets to be called by their first names – at least in good ole England!
    Since you have looked at some other things I have done, I share the same name as a very famous humorist who cartoons have delighted many every single day – including me when I was growing up.
    Regarding the last point made, I learned of your interest in these matters recently from your homepage.  The state you describe can be attained by humans as well as robots – it is called meditation, yoga etc.
    I have sent my posts and they should be available later today. I have also discussed Ford and Toyota in one of these posts. Regards.
    P. S. So you don’t want the book! I’m disappointed.



    would like to have a look at the work being done by you, is it possible for you to provide me any link etc, where i can gain some preliminary information about what is being discussed out in this post, as its seems to interest me
    you can mail me at [email protected]



    Yes, but can you blame them – who would want to be called Windsor anyway.
    I’m not against buying your book; as yet I have no idea what it is about, its application, and what advantage it has over other methods; such as -benchmarking (Nasa Thread.)
    I look forward to seeing something of substance.



    I did a search on your work and I find nothing on Chaos Nut. That is a strange name for parents to have given, but since you are against the “mask of anonymity”, this must be your name. How do I find more about your work and contributions?

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