Can Quick Wins Be Added to Post-Control Savings?

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    We are having a discussion in our office about adding quick wins to post control savings. Specifically, if you have 3 months of quick wins can you add the value of the quick wins to 12 months of post control savings. Some say you only can claim a total of 12 months of savings for quick wins and post control. Would like to hear your company’s position on this.



    In all the companies I have been in with Six Sigma/Lean operations (3) we have always counted quick wins as part of the project savings. If you found the $$’s and could get there quickly that needs to be celebrated and shared.

    Every company had a different time frame for what ‘counted’ and how to publish for savings. That is usually where discussions come in.

    My advice is to come up with an accepted consistent method (Operational Definition) all can agree with and then adhere to that when sharing results with the organization.

    Examples of each company:

    Company A – Quick wins and results tracked together for 2 years from implementation of solutions. Had to be presented and blessed by our financial partners or savings wouldn’t count. Lead Black Belt/lean ops project leader responsible for tracking actuals monthly on dashboards for two years.

    Company B – Quick wins tracked independently as part of project. Savings tracked for 1 year from implementation of solution’s. Champion/Sponsor’s blessed the savings number, sometimes involved finance if needed validation (I.E. Staffing costs). Impacted teams responsible for tracking and reporting monthly after solutions in place. We did keep updated dashboards with actuals and projected in the CI team for roll up.

    Company C – Quick wins tracked independently as part of project. Savings tracked for 1 year from implementation of solutions. Savings had to be removed from the budget, or savings would not count. Champion/Sponsor’s team responsible for control plan to monitor and ensure claimed success after solutions in place. We did track and report ‘soft’ savings, however didn’t count towards our teams goals.


    Mike Carnell

    @sfeste Lots of people like to talk about quick wins basically because it has been reiterated over and over to get quick wins. In general quick wins are easy solutions but nobody wants to use the word easy because if you fix an easy problem nobody really cares. Fix something that has been a chronic problem and you will change some minds.

    Back to your question. How you calculate it is between you and your CFO. There aren’t any rules around this at least non that should matter to you. It is your deployment and your company so do what makes sense for you.

    Personally I would track them but I wouldn’t combine them. If you have project 888 and you get quick wins I would have a project 888A and track it separately. You will eventually have either an audit or some person who wants to prove your numbers are wrong. Keep the granularity so you can prove you understand exactly what happened.

    Just my opinion.


    Martin K. Hutchison

    I hate the practical implementation of measurements for CI. Often we know that a company is out of control, that we have processes that no one thinks is effective, yet we don’t spend the time correcting them (as a CI project) because we don’t know how to accurately forecast the results and timeline.

    Then when we do tackle these issues, we find that solving one sub-problem changes the nature or the scope of the main issue, but then are told not to address it because “scope creep”, or generally, project schedule becomes the driving factor in the work- not creating a great, synergistic company with no rework in the value stream.


    Chris Seider

    great idea to keep non-project related win benefits tracked separately @mike-carnell

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