Seven Wastes Problem

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    Hired as a quality inspector. Your basic task is to remove waste. You have the following info
    Info 1
    Demand monthly = 100 tons
    Price = 1 ton = Rs100,000
    Warehouse cost = Rs500/day
    Info 2
    Bags leakage = 10tons/month
    Required bag weight = 10kg
    Fluctuation in bag weight = +/- 4kgs
    Info 3
    Desired time packaging to shipping = 5hrs
    Actual time = 10hrs
    Info 4
    First product is stored in warehouse and loaded in truck this increases time by 5hrs
    Info 5
    People have to walk alongside machinery refer to image for movement flow
    Info 6
    Some employees told you they can do much more for the organization given a chance

    Use, 7S classify MUDA, MURI, MURA and use above info to deal with 7s. Provide response strategy to all wastes


    Katie Barry

    Arslan — How do you think the problem should be solved? What have you tried? Where are you running into a problem? You’re far more likely to receive helpful responses if you show that you’ve put forth a good-faith effort to solve your problem before asking for assistance. The iSixSigma audience can be exceptionally helpful, but they are not here to do your work for you.


    I know I am a student and have been given a case study and i have worked on all the situation. I have come to find that muda(over production) is present in info 1, mura is present in info 2, muda(ques) is presnt info 3, Muda(transportation) is present in info 4, Muda(motion) is present in info 5 and muri is present in info 6.
    I m not sure that if I am correct or not i will be very pleased if i could get a right answer if this is not and i also need to remove these waste i dont know how to remove this waste. Which strategy of lean could be Applied to them

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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