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    I am doing an analysis that gave me a DPMO for each month as folloed:
    Month 1: 3000
    Month 2: 20000
    Month 3: 1930000
    Month 4: 0
    Month 5: 650000
    Month 6: 900000

    I would like to perform a capability analysis in JMP.
    Can I do a capability analysis even if the data is not normally distributed?

    Any input is welcome.


    Mike Carnell

    You can do a capability study on non-normal data. Minitab does it. No clue what JMP will do.

    Your process appears to be a little unstable. I hope you are doing this for your own satisfaction because it isn’t going to mean much.

    Why are you using DPMO?

    Just my opinion.



    @olympiac – Other than getting a “feel” for the process capability, I wouldn’t do so with 6 observations. If you want to measure an attribute on a continuous scale, over a 6 month period, I’m guessing that you would have had sufficient samples to create a meaningful process capability. If this is an aggregated DPMO number, then it is useless.
    Just my opinion. (and not so humble).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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