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    Hello good people of the forum.  I am in the process of bringing my companies quality procedures in line with the requirements of a key customer of ours.  One of their requirements is that I design and utilize a Capability Decision Table.  Does anyone know what this is?  Can you show me an example?  I already have a decent understanding of process and product capability, and I have reference materials to guide me on these.  However, these reference materials do not refer to a Capability Decision Table.  Is this a standard tool that is commonly used?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


    Andrew M. Brody

    Will you accept an uneducated guess from an unknowing unexpert?  If so, my uneducated guess is that it sounds like a simplified Control Plan focused on process capability.  Establish Capability levels from fully capable to a predetermined out of control situation.  At each level, establish an appropriate response designed to bring the process to the fully capability situation.
    Disclaimer:  Again, this is an uneducated guess from an unknowing unexpert probably knowing much less than you. 
    Please respond as I am interested in how far off you feel I am.
    Good Luck, I hope you get more educated responses than this.



    Why not ask the Customer?  Don’t be embarassed to do so;  if you are correcting a long-term noncompliance, shame on them for not verifying it sooner.
    I recently interviewed at a company that has been registered to ISO 9001 for nearly 10 years.  When the current Quality Manager arrived 2 years ago, he found the 2-inch-thick Manual gathering dust.  He fixed the system and upgraded them to 9001:2000.  I was tempted to ask if he also changed registrars!



    I agree with contacting the customer to clarify their needs.  Their definition or requirements for a “capability decision table” may be quite different from the definition of others.
    However, if they are just testing your own knowledge about the subject, attached below are some web links to some information of the subject.

    I have found the best practice is to first show the customer you understand the term and general practice — but follow-up with asking their specific needs so that you can tailor the information to address the customer’s direct concerns or issues.
    — Jim

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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