Capacity Calculations for Single Machine Multi-Products

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    I’m new to VSM and have encountered a problem in mapping a disassembly cell in my plant. There’s a tumbler machine which takes a load of 4 different products in different batch sizes and after the end of this process, each product diverts into multiple streams/processes.

    To paraphrase, a single branch of the stream is multiplying into multiple streams at this machine. My que is: will we calculate the effective capacity for each product individually? Do we divide the run time of the tumbler by 4 and use that as the run time for each product?

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    Mike Carnell

    skompel2 Please let me caution you on something right from the start. Any analysis process is meant to help you understand something better. If it doesn’t what is the point? When you do your VSM don’t worry about rules (just fyi I am not very good at following rules). There is no statistical jail – if you catch flack you just say “Thank you for your input. We will take that under consideration.”

    The part you are doing now is easy. Document what you do. When you schedule how do you determine the run time of the tumbler? That is what should be on your map. I worked in a metal stamping factory a very long time ago. Until we did a process map (no VSM’s at that time) nobody realized every production line went through one particular press and then split back out. The whole process map looked like a giant bow tie. It was an epiphany for a ton of management people.

    When it comes to capacity and processing time on the future state get your scheduling people involved and see what makes sense to them. It would be a waste of everybody’s time if you drew it one way and they did something else. No BB Rambo’s. We use teams and you will be surprised at how much easier change can be.

    Just my opinion.

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