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    Hi Team,

    Can any help me with the best possible result for below case by Creating a simple presentation with your Six Sigma Methodology highlighting your solution to tackle the situation.

    X are managing an Staff hiring process of a XYZ Co. X team consist of 15 members. This process went live 6 months back and there are some plans of additional scope in coming months.

    Current delivery has day-to-day issues leading to failure in meeting stakeholder expectation. There are SLA misses as well. Below listed are concerns raised by Team and Stakeholders.

    Stakeholder Concerns
    ·      Month close delayed for consecutive 3 months;

    o   Deadlines missed – Delay in processing month close journals

    o   Accuracy issues – Increasing number of reclass journals being processed during month close

    ·      Communication gap – Close status is not being reported accurately. Activities are marked as complete even before they are performed

    Team Concerns
    ·      Lack of required resources is putting extra pressure on the team resulting in TAT miss and accuracy issues

    ·      Lack of collaboration & coordination within the team due to internal differences

    ·      Time consumption due to Manual Process. There is a Heavy Overtime during the Close.

    ·      Input delays from Other teams (AP/AR team which also part of our scope) is impacting the downstream processes

    The strategy should demonstrate  plan towards achieving a steady state with no/ less concerns. Its should also reflect service readiness – including people, processes, technology and quality framework for future scope as well.

    Appreciate your support



    Katie Barry


    This looks like a homework problem. Although the iSixSigma audience can be extremely helpful, they are not here to do your work for you.

    What do YOU think? Are you having trouble getting started? Where are you getting tripped up?

    The more specific you are — and the more of your own thinking you provide — the more likely you are to get helpful replies.

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