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    Chris Dillinger

    I am scoping projects in the Cardiac Cath Lab. I am struggling to find documented benchmarks for room utilization. Any knowledge or referrals would be gretaly appreciated.



    You might try this link to
    heterisationLabforPatientswithAcuteMyocardial.htmDonald Bryant



    Please take a look at The Journal of Cardiovascular Management, March/April 2004, “A Six Sigma Approach to Maximizing Productivity in the Cardiac Cath Lab”  Faye LeBlanc BSN, MHA



    From the time that I in a medical device design and manufacturer’s role have spent in cath labs (not always as a welcomed guest – sometimes in complaint resolution) I’d say that you have opportunity to look in the direction of optimization of the pre-kitted trays and sets for everything from drapes to meds.   You also have an immense opportunity to optimize the calibration process for opticaths, thermodilution catheters, etc.   Too often the calibration of catheter, optical module and monitor is done minutes prior to application and when you are ready to thread through an introducer is not when you need to know that your system is experiencing drift, etc.   Cath labs are usually a series of separate modules and space is a premium so anything to optimize space utilization and improve sequential flow of the process would be of value.   A good place to start would be using value stream mapping to document and begin the evaluation of your current “as found” cath lab condition.  


    Marie Weissman

    Cardiac Cath Lab room utilization is dependent upon multiple variables (x’s) such as types of cases performed (diagnostic, interventional, vascular, other), severity of cases (including number of vessels), physician proficiency, patient preparedness prior to entry into the room, recovery room availability, and case demand. I am not aware of any professional industry-wide standards for room utilization. Rather, I have found that Cardiology Programs can improve their room utilization by analyzing patient throughput and focusing the teams efforts on reducing the time the room is not being used for actual performance of the procedure

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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