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    bb miner

    For people who work in large organisations, how do you centralise all the business improvement projects into one easy to use register which exists across your organisation for everyone to effectively use? eg. Capture Technical projects from the technical department, Cultural / change management projects, business development (short, medium, long term projects), Six Sigma, Quickwins, etc….
    Or will you all ways get separate systems for each department or business unit.



    Having seen this done in a large organisation (more than 40K projects), the solution was bespoke. Very useful tool.
    Depends how many projects you are looking at. Do you want it to e searchable?
    Try using a database program, define your requirements, ie searchable, number of projects, etc and have a standard from that everyone fills in.
    You may want to add things like dates of reviews, benefits, what type of benefit, actual and baseline dates, contact names numbers, do you want to attach documents, etc
    Decide if it is a tracking setup, or just for historical search.
    Find a friendly DB programmer to do this for you, or if you can do it yourself, even better.
    Good Luck


    Mike Carnell

    bb miner,
    If you let the individual groups run on their own you will end up with redundant projects and you will miss the leverage of fanning out a good solution. One of the things that we saw GE do better than anyone else we have ever been involved with was their ability to move a best practice across the entire organization (basically you are not paying for the same real estate twice).
    I have never been a big advocate of the project tracking systems because they do exactly that – track a project. You can track a project with Excel or Project. The issue is the deployment.
    On our current deployment the customer chose Instantis. We have built in some modifications and it is working well for us to manage the deployment.
    Just my opinion.
    Good luck



    In complete agreement Mike, apart from the tracking part.
    The main purpose I saw and used was for best practice, not wanting to re-invent the wheel every time. If you have the contacts and reports, etc this helps a lot, especially with a large organisation. It should also not be limited to just SS projects, but all projects. The GE system is very impressive.
    With reagrd to tracking the project, this is really for benefits, and other KPIs, how well do we carry out projects, where does the time get taken up. If you can gather this type of information it is a start when you do run into probelms.
    Of course if you use DFSS, you will have gotten it right the first time, so a tracker should not be necessary!!



    While not disagreeing with the other posts on this topic, here’s ny $0.02 worth!
    My view is that there are a number of benefits from having a good project management/tracking system….
    1. tracking projects, which, as mike and bbmole mentioned is no big deal
    2. creating a repository of projects and innovations, so that they can be re-used across the organization — a good system will allow you to search even by type of problem/issue, so that you can find solutions implemented to solve similar problems
    3. smooth workflow for projects — many projects get stuck awaiting approvals/sign-offs, or have incomplete documentation. Using a good system to manage the workflow of the project, with reminder and escalation mechanisms, ensures projects are completed faster and the necessary documents are complete.
    4. training platform — the repository serves as a great library for training new GBs and BBs
    5. Most important, a good system will also have a module for project selection, whereby the top management and champions can identify business issues, prioritize and identify critical areas for projects, and track the benefits from the projects.
    At my company we’ve developed a system that does all the above — and more! We’ve also had the benefit of being a vendor to GE and hence having a peep into how GE manages its Six Sigma efforts.
    If anyone would like any more information on what we’ve done, pl feel free to mail me at: [email protected]


    Heebeegeebee BB

    Real-world problems I’ve seen include:
    1) the system being used is so friggen cumbersome, it takes as long to enter the projects into the register as it does to do them.
    2) the bureaucratic nightmare of continuous tracking/updating.
    several F500’s I’ve been involved with all had varying types of project-tracking  registers and all were horribly cumbersome.
    I agree that a centralized d-base is a useful thing as long as the ROI can be met.   time is moolah


    Mike Carnell

    I agree with you completely on the cumbersome part about project entry. How difficult is that to decide: 1. do I want my Belts entering data into the project tracker 2. Do I want my Belts working on projects. Very good point.
    We have an open system so anyone on the site can submit a project. The general education level isn’t extremely high and there are 11 differnt languages in use (actually more but those are the predominate ones) so the system has to be pretty simple to use particularly on the front end.

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