Certification? Can you feel the fear in their words?

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    I’ve read this lengthy list of posts, and I’ve noticed a “trend”. The posts arguing against certification have that little tinge of fear in their words. I’m an ASQ certified BB and have produced significant results in multiple organizations. I feared the exam, yet understood studying and taking it could not hurt me. It could only make me understand where I may still have some weakness. The experience made me a much stronger BB. So I ask you folks who want to rest on your results only why not take it? It’s only a few hours of your time if you have so much “natural” talent already! Or are you afraid you might need to confront the fact you have skills that need improvement?



    Well put.
    I was a very active BB for 10 years before deciding to study & take the ASQ CSSBB exam. It was a good experience. I’m glad I did it and am proud of my certification.



    To carry the point one step further, “continuous improvement” includes we “change agents”. Certifications have their place, as do advanced degrees. What many people miss is that the certification itself is not as important as the process followed. That is where incremental change takes place. Not to put too fine a point on the topic, but there is a “personal culture” that we all live with. The struggle for improvement helps us to challenge, refine and even change that culture. Naturally, any degree or certification is only a key. – what you do with the knowledge in the business world makes all the difference.
    Ted, MBB, JD

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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