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    Terry Montgomery

    Hello,I am currently the project manager for HIPAA X12 transactions for Baylor Healthcare System. While I’m going to be neck deep in this for a while I’m also taking the long view knowing that one day it will be in production. My VP is interested in my getting PMP certified. While researching and preping for that I have come across several references to Six Sigma. I recently read GE’s web site on the topic and came across this site as well.Is Six Sigma really going to fly in healthcare? Given my 20 years in healthcare both in HIM and IT should I be looking at Six Sigma certification to couple with the PMP? If so who’s got the best training? Any feedback would be helpful.Thanks,TM


    Chuck DeBusk

    Let provide a somewhat biased response.  I also have spent 20 years in Healthcare and now I’m a Master Black Belt in GE Medical Systems.  I am sending this while in a class for GE to teach our customer hospitals Six Sigma in this case the third class of Hospital Master Black Belts.  So, will Six Sigma stay around – I think so.  We’ve worked with University of Virginia, Yale-New Haven, the Providence System, Virtua Health, Commonwealth Health Corporation and others helping them drive Six Sigma into their organization.  Should you learn Six Sigma is a different question.  Six Sigma is a methodology and a philosophy.  If you learn the methodology it will make you a more effective problem solver, but to be truly effective your organization needs to have the Six Sigma philosophy.  Otherwise, I would say it is useful for personal growth, but I’m not sure it is the best place to spend your time and money.  Several folks such as American Society for Quality (ASQ) and Six Sigma Academy offer courses for single individuals (as well as other providers).  Please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] if you’re looking for more info.


    Leon Ortega

    Try with BMG. his weeb side is please ask to speak with Ilona she is one of the co-founders and Master Black Belt.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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