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    I am interested in learning more about Six Sigma certification. I have a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and >Statistics and consult in these areas currently. I am familiar with Six Sigma, although I am not certified. How important is it to be certified and how/where is the certification taught/granted?
    Thank you for your information!


    Patrick Waddick

    Normally you would have to be hired by a Six Sigma company as a Black Belt or Master Black Belt, then go through training on Six Sigma (80-100 hours of instruction), then maybe need to pass a certification exam, then complete 2 projects as a Black Belt, or lead 20 projects as an MBB to get certified.

    ASQ (the American Society for Quality) is currently working on developing a certification program for Black Belts, etc. but it is at the incipient stages of development at this time. Those are the only venues that I am aware of for certification.


    Jim Johnson

    I concur with the previous post. The key to 6-Sigma is practical experience and that is what any sound certification program will emphasize. I know of the ASQ action, however, I believe that a better group to contact may be the ISSSP (International SOciety of Six Sigma Professionals…pronounced I-triple S-P. THis is an organization solely dedicated to the tools and techniques of 6-Sigma not just as another quality tool (which I would assume will be the ASQs approach).

    At any rate, the may help you in your certification process. The website is . Happy Hunting!



    Kim Niles

    Agree and add that while many companies are developing Six Sigma certification programs but the only two non-profit organizations that I know of that are developing them are ASQ which is not up yet and the International Quality Federation ( that has already certified four individuals.




    ISSSP is just a front for BMG and IQF is just a front for Pzydek.

    ASQ is breaking free of Mikel Harry and is the only clear possibility of an independent certifying agency.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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