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    I’ve referred to several texts and Internet sources and ended up confused about the distinction between the above.I’ve found:
    Sponsor is the same as Champion.
    Sponsor is the same as Process Owner.
    The Sponsor is a senior manager ultimately responsible for the process.
    The Sponsor is a senior manager responsible for Six Sigma in an organization.
    Can anybody help me out?


    The New MB

    Senior Leadership(Sponsors & Process Owners):Align  with  business strategy
    SS Champions :Understand SS Methodology
    SS-BBs/GBs:Manage SS Projects
    good  luck  



    Champions coordinate and oversee the program
    Sponsors coordinate and oversee the project.  Champions should be able to strongly influence  project sponsors.
    Process Owners SHOULD be the Sponsors and are ultimately accountable for the results of the project (and maintaining the gains).
    Project Sponsor/Process Owner OWNS the project – Black Belt Team EXECUTES the project



    In the organizations I have been involved with, Champions are those who control the resources that a Black Belt or Green Belt may need. The have a vested interest in the projects as the projects should align with business strategies. Quite often, sponsors are the process owners that have project opportunities and need the assistance of BB’s and GB’s. The Black Belt or Green Belt owns the project from an execution perspective, but the Sponsor owns the process from a maintaining the gains perspective.



    I think it is key that the Process Owner is accountable for the execution to ensure suistainability when the BB moves on to other projects. In our small organisation (100 employees), the Sponsor is a Director, the Champion is accountable for the results and is a senior manager, the Process Owner is a Team Leader who owns and breathes it post-implementation. If your organisation is deploying a flavour of 6 Sigma with Lean/TPS, then the Process Owner being the Team Leader will help ease the implementation. One reason, among many, for Toyota’s success is their focus on coaching Team Leaders to be great problem solvers.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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