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    After 10 years of doing only Six Sigma projects, we are starting some Design For Six Sigma projects with 4.5 sigma performance in mind. As part of this new objective, we are trying to locate a published checklist of characteristics common in the World’s best processes. Does anyone know where we can find such a list? If not, I’d like to start one here.

    In our initial brainstorming, we’ve already came up with several characteristics, such as,

    [ol][li]Process should be designed so it is easy to measure and collect data at each process step.[li]If there is a new database designed as part of the new process, it should be designed such that people can query and analyze data without jeopardizing the performance of the database or the integrity of the data (e.g., create a daily snapshot that’s independent of the production data.[li]Someone needs to be responsible for periodically measuring the process, monitoring how well it’s doing, and take action to improve it, as needed.[li]Etc.[/li][/li][/li][/li][/ol]
    We also looked at CMM, ITIL, and other process frameworks, but we didn’t find anything suitable as a checklist. We are an IT shop, but would like to find, or produce, a more general list.


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