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    Roger Battles

    I am searching for open ended questions that would help me extract the voiceof the customer and the voice of the stakeholder for developing a charterfor an event that will try and standardize “Project Management” across fourseparate organizations and also provide the most efficient manner inconducting the Project Management process.



    You are lumping together a variety of different pursuits there…Basic project management would involve chartering up the idea, creating the work structure breakdown, and then managing to it. 
    If looking for a project charter, google it or check the blue bar to your left…you will find something helpful.  VOC is something else…should be captured after the chartering process is complete….Stakeholder Analysis should be done on or around the time you are validating the VOC.  They are all DEFINE deliverables.
    Again, they are different deliverables and each a subject to themselves.  Good luck.


    Zak Roy Yoballa

    I agree with newbie.
    However some open ended questions could be:
    Exactly what is the customer looking for?
    What does the customer need?
    What would the customer like to have?
    When does the customer want the item/service?
    What is the customer willing to pay for?
    These are very high level and general but I believe that is what you were asking for…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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