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    Philippe Delbecq

    i am trying to convince my boss and colleagues in my company of the interest of implementing 6 sigma methodology
    i am looking for a user friendly software that i could buy on my own expenses in order to give a demo to a large and reluctant (!) audience
    i had seen couple of softwares in the past (minitab for instance) but i am afraid they are a bit sophisticated for this purpose (hence very expensive and out of reach to me!)
    could anyone indicate a reference and buyer friendly program, to download or through cd?
    thanks for any piece of advice.



    If you are looking for DOE software, try Design-Ease from Statease. Inexpensive and very user friendly. You can download a 30-day trial version from their website: For other statistical analysis, you might be surprised how powerful Microsoft Excel is – it contains all of the important reference distributions – normal, Chi-square, student’s t, F.



    Hi Philippe,
    The way I see it , what you need at this point of time is not to explain to your bosses and colleagues what DOE, FMEA, QFD etc etc and all those Statistical & Non Statistical tools work , but what you need to do is to explain to them what are the benefits that companies are accruing by implementing the Six Sigma strategy. All you need to do is inform them of the various kinds of Industries in which Six Sigma is being implemented. The financial benefits of doing the program , Case studies of companies where Six Sigma has been successfully been implemented (and there are tons of places where you can get this information), the timeframe needed after which the results can be seen. The kind of resources that would be needed in terms of Manpower, Budget & Infrastructure.
    Make your Six Sigma pitch look like a Business Plan , where you have Benefits on one hand (and these better be Financial Benefits, if you want the big boss to sit up and take notice) and on the other side the resources that you may need to ensure that the work gets done.
    And if you believe and know in the power of Six Sigma to deliver $’s to your bottomline then there is no way the CEO can afford to look away from it.
    Believe me this works , I have actually seen it happen.

    Regards and all the best for your presentation




    Use Minitab – download the trial full function version and try to use it. It is intuitive and they are the only ones dedicated to serving the Six Sigma community.


    Boris lipnik

    Hello Philippe,

    I have the same issue in mind of “buying in” 6 sigma program to managers of the company I work in.
    I’ve alredy done some, this Forum gave me a lot of help. Although the way is not easy at all !

    You can look at

    and the replies over there.
    Feel free to contact me, I’d be glad to exchange information.

    Boris Lipnik.


    Ken K.

    I agree with the other respondants.

    If your management’s buyin precludes the investment in statistical and other quality tools then I really don’t think you have sufficient buy-in for a succesfull Six Sigma program.

    My other thought is that if you or yours sees MINITAB as being too sophisticated/complex for what you want to do, then you almost certainly need more training and maybe experience before embarking on a full-fledged Six Sigma program.

    Maybe start by taking some statistics training AND start observing the processes in your functional area. Just use of observation and simple graphing tools can take you a long way.

    Don’t forget to get some problem solving training too.



    I agree with the comments of someone earlier…you don’t need a software program. What you need is a good business case and proof how six sigma will impact your business processes and the bottom line.

    A program will only help you analyze data (2 sample t test, lay out your processes, identify failure modes, etc.). You are not at this point — ready to implement a six sigma project — you should focus on building the change process and setting an appropriate culture for a successful six sigma implementation.



    Terry Murphy

    The other respondents have given you excellent advice. My two cents is that process improvement efforts, of which six sigma is one, usually fail…not because the technical tools are lacking, but the “cultural” climate is not right for them. The hardest task you face is in convincing your senior management to embrace the continuous improvement “philosophy”…if they do, the resources WILL be available for the project. A statistical package, at this point, is the least of your barriars to success. Good luck.

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