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    You have an interesting problem that you have been working on.  I am surprised that you have not received a greater response.
    Here are three comments that might stimulate additional thoughts. 
    1. It appears that the sample size is relatively small to draw strong conculsions.  For example, for split trye chi-square = 4. With df=4, and chi-square = 9.488 at the 5% confidence level, there is no statistical difference between vechicle types.  In other words, you can not reject the null hypothesis (Ho: cause A=B=C=D=E).
    2. There is a real danger when statistics is applied to this problem.  A simple statement to management that there is no statistical difference between the vechicle types for split trye could lead to a belief that there is no need to re-visit this question with a large sample size
    3. Chi-square = 47.76 for the totals — statistically significant.  The data clearly shows that some vechile types are worse than others.  In the case of vechicle type B and E, what did you do to determine if there is a statistical difference between these two vechicle types?  
    I would be interested in finding out more about your final analysis.

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