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    I have been searching for software that uses a scripting language to output process maps/flows. The coding would allow for a user who is familiar with computer programming languages to define variables like users or people or tools involved in a process, define process names and inputs/outputs, allow for modular loops, if/then/while/nand type logic. The output of which would be a process map/flow that you could display the “40,000 foot” level or the granular level upon demand.

    Visio is quite cumbersome and time consuming. Not only do you need all the information to create a process map/flow but you then also need to be an artist to fit it all on 8.5X11 inch pages.

    Does such software exists? Is there anything better than visio that can take natural language or at least a list of inputs and logic steps to generate process maps?



    Investigate BPM (Business Process Management) software. Many of these tools generate maps from your process definition and specifcations, as opposed to drawing tools such as Visio. I won’t give a recommendation since I haven’t actually used one of these. There’s probably someone else on this forum who can do so.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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