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    Nathan Bissell

         I am a graduating college student with a degree in chemistry and a business administration minor.  Although I am an above average chemist, I feel my talent is definitely business – management, marketing, and accounting.  I have excellent industrial manufacturing experience (Genmar and John Maneely) – and I feel that is where my career will develop the quickest yet challenge me.  I have been looking all over for a good job near Eastern-Cleveland that would use both my Chemistry degree as well my business ability. 
         It seems every job I have been interested in or match up well with is in need of (or prefers) Six Sigma or Lean experience.  I am now enrolled in a Lean Manufacturing course and hope that will build my resume even more.  I am not interested in a entry level Chemistry position because I know that I can do more for a company using a combination of both Chem and Business.  What am I getting into?  Should I invest in a Six Sigma book?  Will knowledge of Six Sigma really give me an advantage over the next applicant?  Is my determination to succeed going to pay off? 


    Tim Johnson

         Six Sigma/Lean experience can only help regardless of what you do.  You are learning a methodology for solving problems/eliminating waste, which can transcend many areas.  “What are you getting into?”…depends on who your work for. It may be a flavor of the month initiative, program, directive, or a business strategy/culture (hope that it’s the later).  Learning about SS through training and books is great, but utilizing it separates the players from the spectators.  The nemesis of SS are Champions, Managers, MBB/BB’s, Consultants, and Executive Staff with no experience sponsoring, training, and mentoring projects.  Performing a Design of Experiment (DOE) on high-speed automated equipment is much different from a catapult.  But there are MBB’s that have never conducted a DOE and BBs whose version of a project consists of a Pareto chart and C & E Diagram.  Study, learn, and use SS and you will discover a powerful tool that can help you improve almost any process.


    6 BB Coordinator

    Should I invest in a Six Sigma book? 
    – Yes. It is good to invest and study what are worthy to study.
    Will knowledge of Six Sigma really give me an advantage over the next applicant?  
    – Experience is more important. Only knowledge do not give much advantage over others. However, your knowledge and your life style of learning will bring a good result soon.
    Hope this helps.
    Six Sigma Black Belt Coordinator


    C.M. Harris

    Experience is the key– you have to pay your dues first.  You may learn a lot from a measly “entry level position”– God forbid!  The majority of successful people worked their way up in a company— for instance, being a “measly” entry level engineering supervisor on the assembly line to becoming an assistant plant manager in 4 years.
    Who would have thought?!!??



         Read a book and get with ASQ to start a certification effort.  Certification is going to be a key to jobs entry and advancement.
         The  6 Sigma training you get now will be a tool that will help you in anything you do. 
    I know a PhD who became Green Belt and had an “epiphany”.  The PhD said “had I known this 25 years ago my career would have been so much better and I would have done more with higher quality”.
    Having 6 Sigma training/experiece is like the 3 Rs.  6 Sigma is a tool among many that will enhance your way of thinking and solving problems.
     Study this stuff now while your study skills are still sharp…   you learn quicker and get deeper knowledge.



    I admire your keen & professional way of advising,so I wish you could suggest ideas for me,basically I’m a chemical eng. with more than 25 years experience,my last job was in “change mangement”(project champion in a big cement company for 2 years),during the last 8 months I have participated in a “quality management’distance learning certificate program,sponsored by Manitoba University/Canada((Winnipeg),just before 2 months I have finishe my quality studies with Honours(it consists of two courses,quality assurance planning  &  quality control:principles & procedures(each course equal to 36 contct hours ,totals 72 hours,have to submit two assignments  and pass one final exam.for each course),now my question :how to benchmark this education with the ASQ  certification?as just recently I have purchased 3 books from ASQ::CERTIFIED Quality manager HB,Improving performance through statistical thinking & Implementing SIX SIGMA,I’m planning to study those three books  asap to keep the momentum,Just recently I have been accepted as an examiner in an excellence Award (equal to MBNQA),as Ihave left my company just recently to work as (free-lancer),so in your opinion what else I should do to satisfy the requirement of  a good “quality consultant”,I should appreciate greatly your advice,thanks inadvance & best regards. MN



    To C.M.’s point; Nathan you seem to be upper management material (at least in your alleged mind)…why not become a MBB or a Champion…leave the GB and the BB stuff to the peons.

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