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Topic Companies in India having Six sigma

Companies in India having Six sigma

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    Hi GuysWould appriciate if someone can tell me which are the companies having  SIX SIGMA.sofi 


    Try Dr. Shree Nanguneri at


    Try TATA Steel in India


    There are several companies who are engaged in Six Sigma one way or other. Most of the Indian operations of MNCs like GE/Motorola/Allied/Conseco etc have Six Sigma built into their systems and even though some Indian Managers(!) like to avoid, they can not!
    The most significant program undertaken by an Indian company is by Wipro so far. Perhaps thanks to Azim as well as Vivek Paul’s GE connection( Azim is a close friend of Jack Welch and heavily influenced by GE ‘s way of doing business + Medical JV with GE and Vivek is ex-GE anyway).
    TATAs including TISCO/TELCO and Taj Hotels have a robust Quality Program of their own and surprisingly similar to 6sigma.
    It is rumoured that some of these (TATA) companies may even announce a formal 6sigma initiative to further enhance quality focus.
    In the next two years this initiative may get the big boost as one of the biggest Indian corporate house is contemplating the initiative also.


    I know there are some companies in India who are practising Six Sigma. I guess Telco, Tisco, Ford, Visteon, Thermax, Wipro operate on 6 Sigma. One consulting company that is common among these leaders is Omnex. Try contacting Mr. Kumar at
    Regards. Savitha.




    hi whosoever,
    as on today sixsigma implementors in india are GE,WIPRO,MOTOROLA,CITICORP,TATA


    In addition to the above companies, PATNI (Patni Computers Ltd.) has also started following Six Sigma Process in India.


    Thought of sharing some common stuff.. This is my first time here. While interacting with some of these companies, I have found that eventhough they practice 6 Sigma, there is no great difference in dealing with them when compared to those who donot have 6 Sigma. I have dealt with some of these companies listed here, but some of them are too red taped.I attended a programe last month or so in NewDelhi, conducted by a local consulting company on 6 Sigma but they were pathetic.. No practical approach at all… I’m sure that these kind of consultants will spread the wrong message and make 6 Sigma follow the ISO route… I meant no effectiveness…. Wish we had good consultants who are less expensive and more effective… (Less talking and more working)
    (I know GE/Eicher rates are exhorbitantly high and not that effective for the Indian market)


    Companies like
    GECIS(GE Capital International Services ,India)
    EXL Services(A 100% Susidary of Conseco LLC)
    Have 6 Sigma Implementations,Projects running in India.


    1. Cummins India
    2. Tata AutoComp Systems : Apex organization for all Tata group automotive JVs


    Try IQL delhi


    im working in SAMTEL COLOR Ltd. India , with six sigma methodologies.
    If any one interested to share any related experience i would be glad to respond


    here is my add :

    im working in SAMTEL COLOR Ltd. India , with six sigma methodologies.
    If any one interested to share any related experience i would be glad to respond


    Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) is also one of them.


    Dear freinds , any body done this for Software developement Specifically
    Please let me know if processes like Estiamtion , defect prevention have been covered under this . Kindly respond


    I read with interest the various messages posted about companies in India that practice and consult in Six Sigma.
    For the record, Satyam Computer Services Ltd. has been using Six Sigma for a while now. One of Satyam’s large customers is GE, and there has been a rub-off effect (as someone pointed out in the case of Wipro).
    Satyam has also recently started offering training and consulting in Six Sigma. For details you can contact Mr. Govardhan at


    To my knowledge Cummins India Ltd., Pune is practicing SIX SIGMA.  I am also inteterested in knowing the names of Indian companies practicing six sigma and also the addresses of the expert consultants in six sigma in India.  My e-mail id :
    Best regards.
    Manikrao Patil, Corporate HR Manager, Atlas Copco (I) Ltd., Pune.


    Hello! Manikrao,
     The Indian companies that are practicing Six Sigma  I know are Wipro, Allied Signals, Texas Instruments, Telco… etc. to name a few. Also there are a host of multinationals using SS(e.g. GE, FORD) There is an expert cosultants to six sigma named OMNEX located in chennai who are consultants to Ford & its suppliers. I can send you the contact details if required.
    Hope this helps


    Please send the details of Sixsigma consultants / Chennai.


    Hello Mahabaleshwar,
    Can you post  your e-mail id so that I can send them your contact details. They will be in touch with you soon.


    Kindly contact reg Sixsigma Consultants


    Hi Pravin,
    Satyam Computer Services has worked on Six Sigma for IT processes, including reducing defect density at different stages of SDLC.
    For more info you can contact Mr. Govardhan at


    That’s right. Patni Computers has deployed Six Sigma processes. The activity started 3yrs back due to association with General Electric, USA. Currently, Six Sigma projects are executed across entire organization. There are more than 300 Six Sigma projects that have been executed by Patni over last two years. The projects cover Software lifecycle phases, support functions and key delivery functions related to executing software projects. Patni currently also offers Six Sigma Consultancy solutions to its customers. For more information contact


    I know of GE and EcoTel.


    Dear sir,
    I m a student of MBA ,interested in the application of six sigma in samtel.I would be very obliged if I could get some information about how it works in your organisation.
    Thanking you in anticipation


    Are you looking for a project for your MBA in Six Sigma or in a Six Sigma work? Furninsh full details what are you looking for.


    with regards to the previous mssg, it was intended to be a query for samtel…concerning a project….and no Purush i was not searching for a job


    I know of lot of companies who are practicing Six Sigma in software in India.
    Can any of you give me the list of consultants in India who are training in Six Sigma as well as Lean Manufacturing techniques.
    I need to have good trainers with Hands on experience in implementation.


    Indian Statistical Institute is one of the best consultant for prviding training in Quality tools,Six Sigma techniques etc…
    In India ISI having 10 center(generally in big cities). If you want I can give you addresses.


    Dear Madam/sir,
    ICICI Bank Ltd., India’s second largest bank, has taken up the Six Sigma initiative in a big way. The bank has started the process in all aspect of its operations.
    Besides ICICI Bank, Wipro Ltd. is the other company which has started the process.


    Respected sir,
        I am a M.Tech student,in IIT Kharagpur.I m doing preparation for seminar on six sigma.
       Please tell me the  companies using six sigma in India,and what result they got.
        I will be very grateful to you.
         thanking you
      my mail id is


    we are the student of prefinal comp. science and engg. in RP Sharma Institute of Technology in patna bihar india.
       we are taking traning under wipro india ltd. we wants to work  with six sigma methodologies.
    we are   interested to share any related experience with six sigma.

    I.A.Singh  & Saurabh Kumar


    Quality Engineering and Software Technologoes (QuEST), Bangalore , which has GE as its major customer follows Six-Sigma.


    Pl brief about six sigma companies in India


    I am doing my research work in ISO certification course and in this regard I would like to known the companies of India which are into Black Belt certification
    I will be very grateful to you and this regard I wcan go and meet some companies in this regard if they are into reachable areas


    Dear Jagdish,
    kindly forward me your contact details.I may be in a position ot help you.
    Meenu Sharma.


    My phone number is 80-8412353


    Hi Jagdish,
    I am in Delhi right now.Do you have a chat id ?i would like to have a detailed discussion.Kindly send a mail at
    Meenu Sharma


    Can I have your mail id , parikshit?


    Rajiv, I am intending to do course . May I know from which consultant you had traing, which you are refering as pathetic. This can help me in avoiding, if its the same one. please mail me your id.


    I got your reference from and happy to know that you are interested in six sigma.  I am a six sigma consultant and trained about 100 Black Belt in Indian.  I have also published the fist Indian book on six sigma.
    My 3’rd public course on six sigma black belt is starting  on 9-14 Dec’02 in Delhi.   The details are enclosed for reference.
    With Regards


    Hi Jagadish,
    We will be able to provide details reg training in Lean Manufacturing and SixSigma  Blackbelt certification!
    Please let me know if this for individual or organisation!


    Bikramjit S. Sandhu
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    Rank - Aluminum

    Hindustan Times, GE, Wipro, Tata Steel, Telco, Asian Paints,  Reliance, TVS Suzuki, Tata honeywell, Tata Consultancy Services, Pidilite Industries,ICICI Bank Ltd., CITICORP, are all doing six sigma in India.


    Pls. give details about SIX SIGMA training centres in chennai and available six sigma qualifications.


    We are conducting a 2 day exclusive workshop on “SIX SIGMA – BEYOND TECHNIQUES” .
    Workshop shall be addressed by:
    Prof. KANUNGO
    George Washington University,
    Washington DC
    Date : 8 and 9 of January 2003.
    Contact the undersigned for brochure’s and nomination details:
    Mahesh Sundararaman
    #178/5, 1st Floor, Lakshmi Complex, 24th B Cross, 8th F main, III Block Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560 011.Karnataka, India.
    Fone: +91 – 080 – 6538203 or 6558414.
    Kindly address ur queries to Mahesh


    Hi! I would like to get in touch with Dr R.S Chalapathi regarding some DFSS and six sigma issues in view of some workshop in Malaysia. Please revert to me soon. Thank You


    Can we have the title, price of the book. Will it be available in Delhi ?


    Annu Perumal thanks for interest in my work.  Your can contact me at or mobile: 9811110445 (New Delhi, India)


    I know of e-Funds India International, at Gurgaon and Mumbai, having intiated there Six Sigma efforts.


    One of the departments in AEBL Ltd.(TRS)  has initiated  there six sigma process.


    The book cost is Rs.150, you can send the cheque/DD to ‘Institute of Sigma Learning Pvt. Ltd.’ Ghaziabad.
    101, Sector 1, Chiranjeev Vihar, Ghaziabad.
    We also conduct Black Belt training programs in Delhi.  The next one is in Feb’03.
    You can contact me at 9811110445


    Hello Propeller,
                         I am interested in getting the training on Six Sigma green belt and Black belt on individual and group basis (I mean we do not have a company sponsorship). Please send me the details how can we get more information about this.


    Hello Lalit,
    You might contact me at:
    Rajanga Sivakumar


    Hi,Following r the companies which r practicing 6 sigma in India:ICICI Bank,Wipro Ltd., EcoTel, Hindustan Times, GE, Wipro, Tata Steel, Telco, Asian Paints, Reliance, TVS Suzuki,Tata Honeywell, Tata Consultancy Services, Pidilite Industries, CITICORP, e-Funds India International & ThermaxRegards,Vineet


    I am a black belt in US (pharmaceuticals).
    I might be able to assist in the field. If you have found all your answer. Dis regard this massage.


    Birlasoft is also implementing Six Sigma in software services. It has integrated Six Sigma with SEI CMM Level 5 processes.
    TCS and Patni too are implementing six sigma in a limited manner.
    (MBBs like me and BBs in Birlasoft, TCS, Patni work at client locations for using six sigma in services to GE). So you will find a lot of vendors in India who work with GE using Six Sigma to enhance customer satisfaction.


    Could u tell me something more about ur cources in six sigma, do u conduct them in new delhi, when is the new batch begining, what is the fees?
    Deepak gupta


    hi sofi,
    the companies implementing six sigma methodology are WIPRO SPECTRAMIND  ESERVICES PVT LTD . and CONVERGYS INDIA SERVICES PVT. LTD


    There are many other companies implementing six sigma are
    2.LG electronics
    4.allied signals
    and many more
    with regards


    Hi, i know some very good consultants for Six Sigma in Software and they are quite experienced and cost effective too.
    Do write to my mail giving your contact numbers in case you are interested in it.


    You may contact BMG  India for your training needs. Website:  tel : 5630 1535. We provide training on both Six Sigma and Lean 
    We are holding seminar in mumbai from February onwards.


    We have a customer who is interested in implementing six sigma. 
    can you please let me know some consultants who are in Bangalore.
    Thanks and best regards,


    I have been reading the message threads and felt it is worthwhile to contribute my bit before we are taken away in a false wave.
    When I was in India (2000), I have seen mostly the MNCs with their overseas links used to work on Six sigma in a diligent way. There are very few Indian based companies which made it to that level of sincerity in implementing Six sigma. I have attended the seminars by reputed companies practising Six sigma but it was a great disappointment to me. Shockingly this includes the great Indian companies like Wipro, Tata, ISI etc., (My apologies, if this statement damage any one’s feelings out there!)
    I knew very few companies does it in a religious way. GE, Ford, AmEx, Visteon, Johnson Controls, Citibank, Standchart are some of the few companies which used to do this religiously at that time. We all know that Six sigma is a set of statistical tools and many of the companies in India know the techniques of using these tools. I have seen the attitude like, when we use the statistical tools, why shouldn’t we coin the term Six sigma!!! This happen mostly in the manufacturing sector as statistical tools are the traditional quality assets for decades in this area.
    Now a days the material is available freely and the concept is also made more or less clear to many practising quality personnel. If some one wants to gain the benefit, it is better to do it rather than boasting them selves of implementing Six sigma.
    But I caution all the Six sigma practitioners to look for the objective evidence of what they are gaining. Look for the improvements in the areas of Q-C-D and measure the Customer Satisfaction as well the $$$.  “Show me the data” is what we used to preach and look for!!! 
    If any one is looking for challenges and a true Six sigma black belt career, try get the material from Six sigma academy or Motorola university or Juron’s Quality Institute. One can also look for Shainin techniques which are available for a cost affordable to many Indian companies. You can take an exam with ASQ, which by far I felt the stringent exam to qualify for black belt certification.
    Good luck !!!


    Hello Mr.Nagendra
    You might contact me at:  I am located in Bangalore.
    Rajanga Sivakumar


    Birlasoft, based in Noida, offers six sigma consultancy.
    If you are interested, pls. let me know.


    Actually I am looking at a Champion, Six sigma, for consulting purpose.  This is for one of our prestigeous customer.  So I am looking at a consultant based in Bangalore, India.  Can anybody help?


    Hi Nagendra,
    The problem in this field is due to absence of any standard method of training and certification, many professionals have become six sigma champions overnight. I have even heard of six sigma training offered over five days and you  become Six Sigma Black Belt !!!!. This is outrageous. Six sigma body of knowledge is very broad. So be cautious from such experts while looking for a consultant. 
    You may contact me at for some help.


    you can try
    for on line training in six sigma.


    Hello Sofi,
    GE practices six sigma in India as it does world over


     Dear Nagendra,
         Projects India has trained persons from the US in SIX SIGMA and LEAN manufacturing. we can assist you in training , implementation. We will give you a free introductory seminar.We are bangalore basd.
     please contact
    gopalakrishnan.  PRESIDENT , PROJECTSINDIA


    Dear Manikrao Patil,Please contact and you can get information about consultants from the US who are providing Six Sigma Training and Consulting.Raj


    We at Omnex in India are into Six Sigma consulting. Our India ofice is in chennai but I(BB) am based in Bangalore.
    You can visit our site at or mail me at
    Please let me know in case you need any help.
    My contact no.+91-80-98860-27242


    Hey can you give me your contact number, else contact me at


    Dear Mr Patil,
    We are associated with
    Reliance Industries Ltd., Hazira Manufacturing Division,
    HEG Ltd., Bhopal
    Johnson & Johnson Ltd.
    for implementing six sigma methodologies and/or Black Belt and Green Belt training.
    If you wish, we can communicate with each other. My email ID is:


    Dear Annu Perumal,
    We can help you in six sigma & DFSS. Currently we are doing similar work for Reliance Industries Ltd., Hazira, HEG Ltd., Bhopal and Johnson & Johnson Ltd.


    HI! Please send your corporate profile and contact details to .
    Thank You
    Annu Perumal


    I would like to know / attend a course on sig-sigma black belt in India: with reference to below.  I am a quality professional working in chennai. my emailid : Posted by: Dr.R.S.Chalapathi
    Posted on: Friday, 29th November 2002

    I got your reference from and happy to know that you are interested in six sigma.  I am a six sigma consultant and trained about 100 Black Belt in Indian.  I have also published the fist Indian book on six sigma.
    My 3’rd public course on six sigma black belt is starting  on 9-14 Dec’02 in Delhi.   The details are enclosed for reference.
    With Regards


    Dear Rao,
    From ur letter, i felt the deepness of ur knowledge about six sigma. could u please send me ur email address. I want contact u.


    Dear Nitin,
    You can contact me at


    Hello Nagesh,Please refer to 5 case studies displayed on Six Sigma implementation facilitated by me in various companies.You can acces them by clicking the following links: 1 Six Sigma Case Study: Converting paper to electronic documents Applying Lean Manufacturing to Six Sigma; a case of breakthrough change in digitizing data 3 Initiating change: A Case of Breakthrough Improvement in the Medical Transcription Business Facilttation : a vital soft skill for success – A case Selecting Appropriate Metrics: a critical factor for success you wish to contact me the e mail is given in the case studies.


    Hello Nagesh,
    Please refer to 5 case studies displayed on Six Sigma implementation facilitated by me in various companies.
    You can acces them by clicking the following links:
     1          Six Sigma Case Study: Converting paper to electronic documents
    2          Applying Lean Manufacturing to Six Sigma; a case of breakthrough change in digitizing data
     3        Initiating change: A Case of Breakthrough Improvement in the Medical Transcription Business
    4   Facilttation : a vital soft skill for success – A case
    5   Selecting Appropriate Metrics: a critical factor for success
    If you wish to contact me the e mail is given in the case studies.


    Hi there Sumant, Im one of the aspirant in search to get trained & equipped with Six Sigma, if u can help me with the training locations in India, I’ll be obliged.


    i am industrial engg.  working in delhi
    the companies which i know are …LG electronics and TVS sundram …have implemented six sima…….
    best wishes


    Dear Rao,
     There definitely seems to be an upsurge for SS in India. The way this thread has progressed clearly shows that in the last 6 months there has been an increasing amount of interest in six sigma.
    We are a 100 % EOU  based out of Chennai , mfrg  lingerie for the one of the most high profile brands in the US . We  are a company with promoters from 3 corners of the globe and I can say with some degree of  pride ( not really boasting ) that we are spear heading the practice of six sigma and hope to transfer our knowledge thru the results of  ss projects to our mutinational promoters. We are just beginning to learn the ropes in the last 4 months. Time will tell as to how far we progress.
    Further  I daresay we are the first in the garment or Textile industry to attempt to practice six sigma. Anybody else in this category ?? we can share our  knowledge
    We have chosen a pilot project for understanding the DMAIC methodology ( though the scope is rather large )  after which we plan to roll out  companywide.
    I can tell u frm my experience it can be really frustrating , because it really is quite logical and easy to understand but implementation is a grind.  One really has to get the people to believe in it and own it.
    This forum has realy sharpened my understanding. Hope it doesn’t get trivialized.
     I believe we have to really get into ss for the long term or else we can’t see the benefits. I don’t think we can start looking for the $$$ signs too soon. It needs to have a CEO who is committed and  as excited abt ss , sits thru trg sessions and doesn’t mind lowering himself to make everybody on the team understand the concept and get corrected  by his sub peers ( some of them way down the ranks ).
    We are getting professional help but I won’t take names ( not ethical ). The cssbb certification from ASQ is definitely a target.
     Thanks for your patient reading.


    sir !
    i want to do training in embedded pro.. this traning course months,be of six months&should commence from july to dec..03
    .reply me soon 
    my details
    6th sem
    lala lajpat rai instt of engg &  tech..moga punjab..


    in india,
    itz currently practised by wipro, infosys, TCS, also some other organizations. it would take around a decade to achieve 6 sigma level. only implementation is in india.


    Dear Friends,
    Can anybody help me to locate companies. Who use extensive statistical analysis.
    Which are the best statistical analysis software available.
    I want to know some of the good artical related to sig sigma implementation in India


    i want to invest some money in stocks,,how can i befit from six sigma.


    six segma now in saudi arabiagood lecturer by Dr. Mikel J harry


    tisco is also there.


    and  SAMSUNG !!


    Dear Mr. Omkar
    What is the details of your research topic on ISO certification? Can you share with me?
    I am a freelance consultant for ISO.
    Ajit Shah.


    Cud u pls tell where do u want to apply SIX s in ur organisation.


     I am friend of Mr Mukesh gupta who has given your reference. and apprised about  your substantial strides  in this field in very short tenure.
    He has gone to Dubai last week .
    i am also very interested to  go deep into this area . i have just completed my MBA along with mukesh.
    would you give me  the details  of  your next training session ?.As i am located in Gurgaon , a training in near future in NCR will be  most siuting to me .
    I shall be waiting yr. reply eagerly


    I am in Wipro. My company believes a lot and gives top priority to the Qulaity. We are running few Six-Sigma Projects also.
    Wipro has its own methodology known as TQSS (Transactional Quality using Six Sigma) like DMAIC, DSSS etc. for defect reduction and cycle time reduction.


    Dear Mannu,Please clarify whether Six Sigma is being used for transaction processing or software development at Wipro?Regards,
    – —


    Hi Janmejay,


    Ispat Industries Ltd., India’has taken up the Six Sigma initiative in a big way. They have started the process in all aspect of its operations.


    pls list me the co.’s in india and chennai implementing sixsigma.

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