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    I’n not real savvy with math and such – I’m a volunteer for project HOPE.  We’re doing sexual health education (HIV/AIDS prevention) in Thailand, in which we train 40 college students (male and female) on sexual health and then ask them to return to their college and find creative ways to educate 20 (any 20) of their student peers (male and female).  We expect that about 800 “student peers” will be educated in this way, and we are evaluating that group to determine if their risky sexual behaviour (in regards to HIV/AIDS) declines.
    I am interested in running a comparison group that does not get any of this education.  It will come from a different college of like-demographics (if it came from the same college where the education is given, we can’t guarantee that the knowledge won’t spill over past the 800 student peers).  I don’t want to have to run evaluations on 800 students in the comparison group.  I don’t know the % of males and females that will receive the education in the test group because those randomly selected students are being educated as we speak, and we want to get the control baseline evaluation now. 
    How can I calculate the comparison sample size?  I think I’d like it to be within 10% of the test sample (800) students with a 95% confidence level.
    Please don’t give me a complicated equation – of  if you do, would you please give an easily understood example of using it, so I’ll understand how to punch in my numbers.
    Thanks – Mary from Chiang Mai

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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