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    I wanted to ask if it is acceptable to have customer specific special characteristics identified in different process steps between the PFMEA and the Control Plan?

    For example, in our PFMEA we have special characteristics identified where they are made in the process and we complete our risk analysis on various process failures. On our Control Plan, these characteristics are identified in later process steps than the PFMEA because this is where controls were added to mitigate the process risks.

    We had a finding in our audit because the special characteristics were not identified in the same process steps between the 2 documents, however, they were identified in other process steps where we have added controls to verify these features. I am a little bit frazzled about this, and have even been reprimanded for my documents not being correct.

    Thank you!





    If the audit requires dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s you’ll have to get your docs in order.   Similar has happened to me.  Sorry.  I used to be a CMMI appraiser and I much prefer that approach.  We said that as long as you were accomplishing the goals of a particular process area and there was documentation to prove it, that was just fine.   If you were doing it a very different way from the written CMMI practices, that was just fine.  Many audit standards are much stricter and that’s a shame.  After all, the purpose is process improvement not forcing you to wear a straight jacket that might not fit.


    randy sanchez

    you can only identified the same special characteristics on both PFMEA and CONTROL PLAN.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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