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    Hi – What is the industry standard for COPQ and COQ? where can i find this data?
    thank you


    Mike Carnell

    You are going to get a lot of variation on this one – probably some emotion as well. This is what we use:
    COQ: basically 4 elements pretty generally accepted thoughout industry.
    COPQ: COQ + 7 Forms of Waste (Lean) + anything that is NVA that dowsn’t fit in the other two catagories i.e, Plant Managers Country Club Membership
    Just my opinion.
    Good luck.


    Dog Sxxt

    1. Juran is authoritative source for COPQ.
    2. ASQ’s COPQ committee.
    3. You have to decide for yourself.
    I will say wastes are COPQ. The real problem is many companies (including a Malcom Balridge winner I audited) does not have good new accounting system in place to capture wastes at operational level. My team had to dig through a few hundred pages of raw reports each month to find out rought estimate COPQ for operational application. 
    In my former company case, COPQ is used to monitor and drive product costing reduction project. Our HQ Finance was a bit humiliated because they cannot set-up same “manual COPQ” system in their wafer fab facility in US.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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