Correlation of Age and Attrition Reason

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    I am writing to let you know that the previous posts were not correct. Your data is right censored. Censored because some of the employees quit after a certain time. But, some are still employed. This is a classic “survival analysis”. The analysis methods by the previous posts neglect much of the data. The use of survival analysis is common in Design for Six Sigma. Design for Reliability (DFR) makes use of survival analysis. The most useful distribution used for analyzing these problems is the Weibull distribution. There are several software tools including Minitab and another called Weibull++ that facillitate the analysis of censored data. So, in summary when you are analyzing quiting (failure) as a function of time, as well as other factors, then you need to treat the problem as a survival problem.  The other techniques mentioned are not accurate for censored dataset such as the one that you are working with.

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